10 Popular Names for Boys in 2012 and Their Meanings

1. Mason

In the English-speaking world the name Mason is originally English and Scottish. However, certain varieties exist in other European languages, such as Italian and French. This was an occupational name for a stonemason which was an important craft in the Middle Ages.

Celebrities with the name Mason are Mason Adams (actor), Mason Raymond (hockey player), Mason Locke Weems (author)… Certain varieties and alternate spellings of the name include Masen, Mase, Masin, Masoon, Masun, Masyn.

2. Jayden

This name is of Hebrew origin and it means “God heard.” Some variations and alternate spellings include Jadon, Jadee, Jadeen, Jadenn, Jadeon, Jadyne, Jadan, Jadin, Jaiden, Jaden. This name gained in popularity in the recent years and Britney Spears named her child Jayden.

3. Liam

This is a form of the name William. It can be either of Germanic or Hebrew origin. In Hebrew it means “my people,” while its Germanic roots lead to the words “will,” “desire and helmet” and “protection.”

Liam Neeson is a celebrity with that name. Alternate spellings and variations include Lliam and Lyam.

4. Logan

This is a Scottish and Northern Irish name and it means “little hollow.” It’s a habitational name associated with the landmarks in Scotland. The alternate spelling is Logun.

5. Dylan

This is a Welsh male given name and the spelling above is the traditional approach of spelling the name. In 2010 this was the most popular given name in Wales. It means “son of the sea.”

Some celebrities named Dylan are American actor Dylan McDermott and Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. This name has many variations and alternate spellings, some of which are Dylane, Dylin, Dylana, Dylann, Dylen, Dylaan, Dylanee, Dylanie, Dyllan, Dylynn, Dillon, Dillan, Dyllan, Dyllon, Dylon

6. Landon

The exact meaning and origin of this name is unexplained. In the English- speaking world its meaning is often associated with the words “grassy plain” and in Old English it probably means “long hill.”

It can be spelled in any of the following ways Landan, Landen, Landyn, Landun.

7. Isaac

This name derives from the Biblical Hebrew name which means “he laughs.” This was the name of the son of Abraham. The explanation for the meaning of this name is that Abraham and his wife Sarah were so filled with joy at the birth of their son considering their age so they named him after their joyful laugh.

This name has been very popular among Jews, but it become very popular in Europe among Christians in the medieval times. A celebrity with this name is Isaac Hayes who was an American songwriter, musician, singer, actor, and voice actor.

8. Aaron

In Hebrew, this name translates to “shining light,” while in Arabic its meaning is “messenger.” This is a mainly Jewish name and it’s probably of Egyptian origin. It has many variations and alternate spellings: Aaren, Aahron, Aaran, Aarin, Aaronn, Aarron, Aaryn, Aeron, Aharon, Ahron, Ahran, Ahren, Aranne, Arin, Arran, Arron, Aren, Aron, Aronne, Haroun, Harun.

This was the middle name of Elvis Aaron Presley.

9. Connor

This is an Irish name and it means “desire.” Some variations include Conners, O’Conner, O’Connor, Conor, Konnor, Conner.

A famous person named this is a talented young American singer/ songwriter Connor Oberst of The Bright Eyes.

10. Chase

This is the variation of an old French name which means “hunter.” In English this was a nickname for an exceptionally skilled huntsman. In Southern France the origins of this name are associated with the word “house.” It is believed that this was the name used for somebody who was the owner of the most distinguished house in the village.