10 Worst Celebrity Fashion Moments

No one is perfect and no one has an impeccable style. 10 Worst Celebrity Fashion Moments.

Everyone wants to make a statement with fashion but it’s not necessarily always a good one.

It has happened to all of us to have a bad fashion day, but don’t feel like you are the only one, because, believe it or not, it has happened also to the most admired celebrities! Oh yes, we are going to spoil the myth that top celebs always get it right (or maybe, we should say their stylists). Here are the worst celebrity fashion moments that make you wonder: “what was she thinking???”.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Bjork

Left photo: etcfashionblog.com; right photo: abclocal.go.com

Either you love her or you hate her, but no one can deny that Kim K doesn’t take risks in fashion. Some of them turn out to be show-stopping gorgeous outfits and sometimes they go very very wrong, like at the MTV EMA 2012, where she has worn a horrific black dress with a huge train.

First of all, the dress does not flatter her body and does nothing in making her look sexier or thinner, and in addition to this it seems that she has a feathered tail growing from her bum and reaching the floor. Really disturbing and awkward!


You can call it a strong fashion statement, but what I think happened is that no one has ever told Bjork that wearing a bird is really wrong! Who knows what she was thinking when she was getting ready to go to the 2001 Academy Awards with this swan gown.

To be fair, if the dress didn’t have the head of that swan and just the feathers, it wouldn’t have been as disturbing as it was, even though still inappropriate for such a formal occasion as the Oscars.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion and Kristen Steward

Left photo: abclocal.go.com; right photo: Getty Image

Not only a really weird choice for the Academy Awards, but also a very badly fitted outfit. It really pulls on her breasts (where you can also see her nipples!) and the cut just fits wrongly on her waist and legs. She looks like a mix between a cowgirl and an ice-cream man… not a pleasant result!

Kristen Steward

It’s true that Coco said that less is more, but sometimes less is simply less. Kristen should have taken notice of this when she walked the red carpet of the Sandy Relief in a nearly nude gown.

Yes, transparencies are in trend, but one should not take that literally and wear underwear with just a transparent dress to cover it, especially not on the red carpet.

Plus, the shorts underneath are really badly fitted and they pull in every direction. Not a wise choice!

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP and Sofia Vergara

Photos via ivillage.ca

Yes, even the fashionista par excellence Sarah Jessica Parker has her own fashion faux pas! Well it is hard to keep up with your TV alter ego if it is the stylish New York writer Carry Bradshaw we are talking about, but this outfit is truly unforgivable, with the oversized clothes and the silly hat.

We have always loved the fact that she takes risks, but I believe that her sense of style has thoroughly (and fortunately) improved in the past decade or so.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara looks like the tacky version of Megan from Aladdin in this outfit she has worn for the American Comedy Awards in year 2000. These sparkly capris do not make justice to her amazing body. Let’s not even talk about the accessories, which have nothing to do with the clothes she is wearing and look really out of place. A real miss for Sofia!

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks and Kesha

Left photo: fashionweekblog.com; right photo: Posh 24

Patchwork style might work for some, but it certainly does not work for this dress Jordin Sparks was wearing at the 2012 American Music Awards. What I am questioning it not the revealing top part, but rather the overly patterned bottom half. It simply makes her hot curvy body look just really large, especially on the hips. A non-flattering and frumpy look she should have avoided!


Who says no to a little leopard print, but that does not mean you should dress like one. This is the perfect example on how not to look at an event. We love playsuits, but this one so does not flatter her body and the pattern just enlarges everything.

The flatforms, even though they are on trend, just add more distaste to the look, which looks super tacky. You can go wild with more taste than this!

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Deena Nicole Cortese

Deena and Kat Graham

Left photo: lifestyle.malaysia.msn.com; right photo: style.uk.msn.com

Wearing a bright color in the evening can be perfect to stand out and catch everyone’s attention, but one should choose one color and not wear the whole rainbow. Plus, if you have a curvy body, you should never go for a super revealing and body hugging mini, that barely covers what has to be covered.

And we are not finished, because everyone knows that stripes make you look bigger, and the ones on this dress are no exception!

Kat Graham

Dressing up as cat woman is not necessarily a good move and you are not excused even if your name is Kat (I know, lame joke). The worst things is that she has worn this outfit at New York fashion week, the epitome of style and fashion, where extravagance is yes accepted, but not taken to the extreme. Enough is enough, but the good news is that she is ready to go straight to a costume party after the shows!

I hope that these fashion disasters have taught you you some style lessons. Now you know exactly what to absolutely avoid for your prom or another special event, because remember: fashion does not forget nor forgives!

Which is the worst celebrity fashion moment for you? Are there others that you would have included in the list? Which is the worst dressed celeb of all times?

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