12 Tips on How to Keep Sexual Passion Alive

Here are some useful tips on how to keep sexual passion alive and make your relationship even hotter, stronger, deeper and more beautiful than before.

1. Communicate

Communication is an essential building block to a healthy relationship, as well as one of the most important keys to a satisfying an active sex life.

If you don’t talk about your feelings and about your sexual desires and expectations, the silence will harm your relationship and create a distance between you and your partner. Simply communicating what turns you on and what drives you crazy about each other will greatly help keep passion alive.

In other words, having intimate conversations about love and sex will bring you and your partner closer together, while arousing sexual desire and excitement.

2. Keep Yourself Alive and Nourish Your Curiosity and Enthusiasm

Keeping your passion and enthusiasm for life high will benefit not only your body and mind, but it will also have positive effects on your relationship.

If you are alive and full of enthusiasm, and open to discovering life, you will transfer this energy to your partner and into your sexual life as well. Changing and growing every day will make you more mysterious and attractive to your partner’s eyes, and as we all know, discovering each other continuously plays an essential role in maintaining sexual passion alive.

3. Be Sexy

Try to look sexy for your partner once in a while. It is difficult to keep sexual desire and passion alive if you wear ratty, baggy, schlumpy and rumpled clothes all the time.

Looking sexy and taking care of yourself will make you feel more attractive, revive passion and excitement, and arouse his desire.

4. Everyday Gestures – Be Playful, Touch and Kiss

Small everyday gestures can make great changes in your relationship. If you are physically affectionate and playful with your partner, especially outside of the bedroom, you are more likely to keep sexual passion alive.

Kissing, hugging, teasing, holding hands, stroking each other’s hair, rubbing each other’s shoulders or neck, and giving each other meaningful looks, are gestures that can make a big difference.

5. Move the TV out of the Bedroom

Your bedroom is for relaxation, sleeping, love making and cuddling. Keeping your TV, Blackberry or computer inside the bedroom will sooner or later kill any kind of romance and passion in a relationship. Listen to music!

6. Spend Time Apart and Take a Break from Each Other Once in a While

Spending time away from each other every once in a while will make you realize how much you miss each other and help you appreciate what you have together.

Taking a break from each other will also make you desire each other more, while reviving your passion and excitement.

7. Plan Nights Away from Home

Schedule date nights:

1. Go to a nice restaurant, dress up, and have a good bottle of wine.

2. Step out of your daily routine and spend a night in a hotel or drive to another city.

To maintain passion in your life together, you have to keep your relationship alive.

8. Remember that There is Much more to Sex than Intercourse

Sex is not only penetration, but it is also a sensory experience that involves exploring each other’s bodies, listening to each other’s breathing, and touching each other’s skin. Sex is also telling each other your fantasies while bathing together, undressing each other, or massaging his or her body.

There are different ways to arouse desire and feel pleasure, and these ways do not involve only sexual intercourse.

9. Be Open to Try New Things

Don’t be afraid to experiment new positions or to try having sex in different places. Be open to sex toys, lubricants and new outfits, and try reading erotic literature out loud. Exploring the unknown together and spicing up your sexual life with new games will maintain sexual passion alive, while continuously reviving your excitement and arousing your desire.

10. Role Play

Role playing inside and outside of the bedroom can bring back mystery and suspense and make sex more exciting. With a bit of imagination, it can be a powerful tool to add spice to your relationship and boost your sex drive even after years of being together.

In fact, pretending to be someone else can help break the routine and turn your sex life into a lot more enticing game.

11. Talk During Foreplay and Sex

Talking dirty during foreplay and sex, or simply telling your partner what turns you on and asking him whether something you are doing excites him and makes him feel good, can be a great libido booster. Try it! It will keep your sexual passion alive!

12. Get in the Mood for Love and Keep Your Senses Alive

Get in the mood with a nice romantic dinner and some sensual music. Set the ambience with dim lights, light up candles, prepare an aphrodisiac meal and open a good bottle of champagne.

Why not try cooking aphrodisiac foods such as oysters, asparagus, red chili peppers, avocados, dark chocolate watermelon and almonds? They are known to increase the libido and boost sexual drive naturally in both men and women!

If you want to know more about these fabulous nutrients, read also 9 Better Sex Diet Foods.

Have you found these tips useful? If you have any experience on this topic, please share your thoughts and tips in the comments below.