3 Tips for Losing Weight This Summer

Yes, it’s going to be a process, a natural one, and your first goal is to accept this, instead of imagining an overnight miracle. What’s truly miraculous is the seamlessness of your new weight-shedding life style revealed right here. Check out how easy are the ways to lose weight this very summer.

1. Sweet Wake-up Ritual

You may have heard these principles many times over the years, but now your aim is to integrate them into your daily routine, while appreciating and accepting their hedonistic side.

Just imagine waking up as soon as tomorrow after a 7-hour healthy and beauty sleep. You prepare a cup of quality green tea, or a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice. Lemon and lime will do as well. You savor every sip as you gaze throughout the window, learning to love the bare tastes of these magical potions which flush toxins out from your increasingly slender body.

You know how the saying goes, humans are creatures of habit. Within a matter of days you won’t want to start your morning any other way.

2. Magic Happens in the Morning

Right after this mini ritual, go out for a brisk 1-hour walk, if jogging is too strenuous for you. This step is essential. The big truth is – you’ll only lose weight if you work out with a completely empty stomach, with no fuel to burn, but your stored fat. Put off breakfast as a reward an hour after your jogging, or walking session.

If your neighborhood lacks parks and greenery, you can also invest in an indoor cardio machine, but you’ll enjoy outdoors, and even people watching, immensely more, avoiding the main pitfall of home workout – getting bored and just not working out because no one can see you. Outdoors, you’ll be surrounded with other people working out, so you’ll feel like a loser if you quit.

Remember, it’s not an excruciating activity that you’re after, but a pleasant brisk 45-minute, or an hour’s, walk ideal for meditating, and visualizing a hot, fit you. A couple of months will fly by, and this will become your matter of fact reality. Cardio workout is indispensable for burning your fatty deposits because it significantly increases metabolic rate.

3. Yummy and Smart Summer Dieting

Who says you can’t eat sweets at all during your diet? Turn these easy ways to lose weight into your way of life, rather than just this summer’s diet, and enjoy a small piece of cake, or a candy bar, on daily basis.

The point is to get used to optimal food quantities – a size of your fist per meal. It may now seem tiny, but this only proves that you’re accustomed to downright wrong portioning. Decreasing the amount of your meals means respecting nature, and once your stomach gets accustomed to this you‘ll start preaching to your friends about this revelation.

During the hot months, there’s nothing more refreshing and delicious than blending fresh smoothies with proven fat and cellulite busters like pineapple, cinnamon, ginger, apples, leeks and grapefruit.

You can also use other seasonal fruits like apricots, figs, cherries, grapes and bananas which are rich in fruit sugars but this won’t be a problem, but a great energy source if you don’t drink more than a large glass at once. There’s absolutely no need to add any sugar if the fruit is ripe. If it isn’t, a teaspoon of honey, or brown sugar, will not interfere with your slimming quest.

Ice-cream, the greatest comfort food, is in fact low-cal, even if it’s made with full milk, and real sugar. Once again, the point is to slowly savor each mouthful instead of shoveling the entire container in moments of insecurity, doubt, fear and any other negative emotion we all experience.

Instead, keep your mind busy with checking out the internet or cookbooks for amazing light, and easy to prepare, Mediterranean, and exotic salads which combine proteins like fish, seafood and poultry with yummy vegetables, marinades, aromatic healthy oils, balsamic vinegar and spices.

The beautiful truth is that you don’t need to be Spartan, wealthy or young to become fit and radiant over this summer. Just stick to these natural, and enjoyable, easy ways to lose weight as soon as this summer, and it may easily become the summer of your life.

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