5 DIY Gifts For Your Best Friend

If you want to be a friend with best gift in hands for the next special occasion, or just as a surprise, you should try some of these DIY gift ideas for your best friend.

1. Ombre Serving Spoons

Ombre Serving Spoons (via joannagoddard.blogspot.com)

If your best friend is a kitchen wizard, you are on the right track here. Wooden serving spoons are inexpensive and always a welcome gift for the chef of the house. But you can make a stylish twist and dip dye the spoons in your friends favorite color. It’s really easy and affordable. Show up with a couple of wooden spoons tied with a simple satin bow in your hands and enjoy your friend’s happy smile.

2. Neon Bracelet

Neon Bracelet (via becauseimaddicted.net)

Neon is all the rage last couple of seasons and the best way to keep up with the trend you like, without spending too much, is with accessories. Neon bracelets are easy to make and the material is even easier to find. Find some rope and choose neon colors to your friend’s liking, then get creative. You can wrap, knot, tie or make a friendship bracelet. If you are beginner I suggest a video. Most important thing is that with just a few changes you can make unique pieces for your friend, but you can also make matching bracelets to wear together.

3. Headbands

Headbands (via www.flaxandtwine.com)

Does your friend like headbands? If yes, this is the DIY gift for her. You’ll need elastic, ribbon, needle and thread. Then you add flowers, embellishments, feathers for a little extravagance, a lot of colors or a bow. And if you’re not sure about your friend’s liking, make a discreet analysis and stitch on. If you want more detailed instructions, go here.

4. Embellished Shirt

Embellished Shirt (via honestlywtf.com)

With this gift your friend will be stylishly ready for the fall fashion season and fall temperatures. So, you’ll need a shirt, it can be denim or cotton. You can find them at low prices in thrift stores. Grab a handful of buttons and ornaments and your glue gun. And hopefully, by the end of the process you won’t be tempted to keep this beauty for yourself. Well, just to be safe, maybe you want to buy two of those shirts.

5. A Striped Vase

A Striped Vase (via www.ispydiy.com)

If your friend is in the process of decorating her place, or if she likes having flowers all around her, here is a perfect DIY gift. You might already have a simple glass vase lying around your house, but you can also buy one for a dollar or two. Take some duct tape and create a pattern on the vase. You can make simple parallel stripes, but it’s even better if you get creative and make an irregular pattern. Then spray paint with the color of choice. I suggest silver or gold, but you might want to consider your friend’s color choices. When you remove the tape you will have an exquisite gift and all that is left wrapping it.

I like to surprise my friends from time to time with a gift and I don’t need a reason. These 5 DIY gifts are usually on top of my list and the cost is next to nothing. So, the next time you have a little spare time choose an idea here and give your friend things no one else will ever have.

Cover photo: www.paulmitchelldesign.ca