9 Natural Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Your metabolism determines which substances your body will find nutritious, and how it will chemically “break them down.” The speed of these chemical reactions determines how much food you require, and how you will digest it.

Increasing that speed, or your metabolic rate, is one of the ways to help yourself lose weight. In layman’s terms, it will affect the burning of calories. Here’s how to speed it up naturally.

1. Eat Breakfast

Remember how your parents nagged about breakfast being the most important meal of the day? Well, it is, at least to your metabolic rate. Eating a healthy breakfast loaded with protein, fibers and vitamins can speed it up to ten percent.

2. Small Meals Throughout The Day

If you are trying to lose weight, you are probably limiting your food intake, for instance depriving yourself of food after a certain hour of the day. Don’t to this, because your body needs fuel even when it’s resting.

Divide the quantity of the food for the day into smaller portions, and eat a small meal, or snack, every couple of hours. Instead of the regular breakfast-lunch-dinner timetable, eat six smaller meals throughout the entire day, and keep your body fueled without fear of overdoing it.

3. Eat Healthy

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, and feel free to eat the carb snacks, since your body will burn them, which isn’t the case with fat. Don’t try a yo-yo diet, as scientists have proven that this can confuse your body, and slow down your metabolism in the long run.

Another good tip is to try to cut down 100 calories from your daily dose. This small change will make a difference, while dramatic cuts will actually slow you down.

4. Get Cold!

Turn off the heating, since a lower temperature around you will make your body to burn calories, in order to keep you warm. Especially in the warm weather, drink plenty of water straight from the fridge, or with plenty of ice, as your body will need to burn extra calories, to raise the temperature of the water, to your body temperature.

5. Walk And Exercise

If you crank up your exercise routine, you will build lean muscles instead of fat tissue, and also your body will need more calories just to keep even. The “normal” amount of calories you ingest will be burned off faster, since the body’s requirements will be larger.

6. Sleep!

An irregular sleep cycle can slow down your metabolic rate, and even lower the amount of calories your body needs just for resting. Get enough sleep, and go through the day energized, so you will be more active, and boost your body, into needing more calories just for sleeping, and maintaining basic body functions.

7. Drink Milk

The calcium in dairy products will make your body metabolize fat faster. Calcium supplements DO NOT have the same effect.

8. Spice It Up

Chili peppers, and other hot spices, can boost the speed at which you burn calories, so add something spicy to your everyday food plan. Hot mustard also does wonders!

9. Have One Drink Only

If you crave for a cocktail, or a glass of wine, have one, but know that by having another, your body will start using the alcohol as “fuel” for you, and leave the stored fat cells alone. And we know where those will end up…

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