A Short Guide to Looking Gorgeous Without Make-Up

Or how much do you just love waking up an hour early to spend your morning curling your eyelashes and making sure your eyeliner goes on just right? I’m betting not very much. Then there’s that lovely moment where you finally find the perfect color and it gets discontinued? How about the damage all those expensive products are doing to your bank account? Girlfriend, bid adieu to your make-up dependency right now and start exposing that gorgeous face to the world. Afraid you don’t have the natural looks to pull it off? Try out these steps and fall in love with your glowing, flawless, natural self.

Cut the sodas and the alcohol… the smoking too

Not only will this add years to your life, and give you a smaller waist line, it will improve your looks as well. All of the added sugars found in soda causes unnecessary breakouts, excessive alcohol will age you all too fast and smoking will take youthful pouty lips and turn them into an ashtray. No thanks! You don’t need any of that. Trade out that soda for a bottle of water, drinking half of your body weight in ounces will clear skin and flush out toxins. Next, substitute those three martinis with a glass of wine with dinner, your liver and your skin will thank you. Finally, you should already be aware of how damaging smoking is so give it a rest! When you have those kissable lips restored you’ll wonder why you didn’t quit sooner.

Use Moisturizer and SPF Daily

Your skin NEEDS moisture. Regardless of what kind of skin you have, if you’re not supplying it with daily moisturizer you’re not going to have the skin you want. There are moisturizers that go along with all kinds of skin types, from the very dry to the very oily. Make moiturizing a regular part of your regimen. Also be sure to incorporate SPF as well. The sun draws out moisture from your skin, so if you’re adding moisturizer just to go out and lose that moisture, you’re not going to see any results. There are lots of moisturizers that offer 2-in-1 moisture and SPF. If you want to give off more of a glowing look, or like to add a bit of color for your skin go for a tinted moisturizer, but be sure to apply it evenly so you don’t get stuck with streaks.

Vaseline for Your Lashes

Ever look at the tissue after removing your eye make up? Chances are you’ll see you’ve lost more than a few eyelashes. While that expensive mascara may go on without clumping initially, in time, every mascara clumps, meaning your eyelashes gets stuck together and you end up losing a good share. Which means they will look thinner, causing you to go out and buy more mascara. See that vicious cycle? Give you poor lashes a brake from the curling and the mascara and simply dab on a bit of Vaseline before bed. This will leave you with thick eyelashes and will also promote growth of new ones (to replace all the ones you’ve ripped out). Studies show that diets rich in Omega 3’s also promote healthy eyelashes and hair; so stock up on your olive oil, salmon, and avocadoes.

Tooth Brush to the Lips

This trick is perfect during the fall and winter, when dead skin and chapped lips are virtually unavoidable. Keep a clean cheap toothbrush next to your normal toothbrush, one with softer bristles. After brushing your teeth, use the cheaper toothbrush to lightly scrub off dead skin on your lips. Follow with a generous helping of Burt’s Bees Natural Lip Balm. Your lips will be rosy and smooth in no time. No lipstick or lip-gloss required. There are also miniature exfoliates available specifically for your lips… which you will be touching all day when you realize how soft they are!


The best way to look good on the outside is to have everything running smoothly on the inside. Vitamins are your best friends. Vitamin E (the antioxidant vitamin) prevents your skin from drying, wrinkling, and even age spots. Not a cream, not make up, but a vitamin. Vitamin A is perfect for skin repair, and Vitamin C will literally make you glow. Make sure to get these through your daily meals or go for over the counter vitamins and get your days’ worth before heading out the door.

Get Some Sleep

Pilates, work, the kids, date night, ladies’ night…. darling you’re tired! Get some sleep! When you’re sleeping, that’s the time you’re allowing your body to repair and recharge. Running on empty has some awful side effects on your health and your looks. Kick the habit by starting to add time to your sleep schedule little by little. You can begin by hitting the sheets an hour earlier. You’ll feel energized and your skin will look amazing. Also sleep will aid your immune system in the fight against getting sick, which will also keep you looking healthy and youthful.

Be Happy

Meditate, write in a journal, go to therapy, and get laid…. whatever it takes just get happy. When you stress out, your body releases a chemical called Cortisol. Cortisol can cause breakouts, your hair to stop growing, weight gain, and overall a very tired and worn out look. Not pretty! So of course you need make up because all that stress is making you look run down. Oh wait… then the price of the make up and the time it takes to put it on causes you extra stress? Which produces more Cortisol? Imagine that! Relax. What happens on the inside radiates out, and that’s not only with your physical health but also with you mental health. So get on the happy track. The sooner you feel better the sooner you’ll look better… which in turn will make you feel even better, causing you to look even better! Now that’s a cycle you can get used to.

Wear Your Confidence

Trade in the foundation for some confidence. It’s likely you don’t need a single drop of make up and you haven’t even tried our tips out yet! Every woman is unique and gorgeous in her own way. Tap into what features make you so you. Show off those freckles with pride, boast those exotic features, love yourself and know that you were born runway ready. That confidence will add an extra pep in your step and you’ll look even more attractive to others. Plus it’s a known fact that men love confident women, and most prefer one that doesn’t have a ton of make up painted on.

Do you have any make-up free beauty tips? Leave them in the comment section below. We’re always looking for new ways to enjoy life while looking fabulous!