Argentinians protest US intervention in Venezuela

            By Muhammed Emin Canik</p>  <p>BUENOS AIRES (AA) – Hundreds of Argentinians held a demonstration Tuesday in the capital Buenos Aires against U.S. intervention in Venezuela. </p>  <p>Non-governmental organizations, trade unions and student clubs gathered at the University of Buenos Aires and marched to the U.S. embassy.</p>  <p>The crowd chanted slogans such as &quot;End U.S. pressure on Latin America!” and “Establish dialogue and peace in Venezuela!”</p>  <p>The demonstrators said peace will only be achieved through dialogue, not by a military coup.</p>  <p>On Jan. 23, opposition leader Juan Guaido, who heads Venezuela’s National Assembly, declared himself interim president following mass protests over the country’s economic conditions. </p>  <p>The announcement was followed by a statement from U.S. President Donald Trump recognizing Guaido as the country’s acting president.</p>  <p>Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama and Paraguay followed suit. </p>  <p>Nearly 19 European countries -- including the UK, France, Spain and Germany – also joined the U.S. in recognizing Guaido.</p>  <p> Bolivia and Mexico continued to recognize the country’s elected president, Nicolas Maduro. Russia, China and Iran have also thrown their support behind Maduro, as has Turkey.</p>  <p>Tensions have mounted in the South American nation with Maduro refusing the opposition’s calls to step down.</p>  <p>Maduro accuses the U.S. of orchestrating a coup against his government, insisting that he is open to dialogue with Venezuela’s opposition.</p>  <p>The U.S. has led an international campaign to put economic and diplomatic pressure on Maduro, including the imposition of sanctions on the country's state-owned oil company.