ATAA President Kirlikovali Speaks at USC


ATAA President Kirlikovali Speaks at USC. “Student Outreach & Career Building” Program at USC ointly organized by LATAA and USC TURKSA was a resounding success.

ATAA President Kirlikovali Speaks at USC

“Student Outreach & Career Building” Program at USC (the University of Southern California) jointly organized by Ahmet Onerbay, President of LATAA ( Los Angeles Turkish American Association) and  Hayriye Merve Yurdacan, Ph.D. Candidate in Chemistry and President of USC TURKSA (Turkish Student Association) on October 14 was a resounding success.

Ahmet Onerbay
Ahmet Onerbay

More than hundred students gathered at the  Ronald Tutor Campus Center ( 3607 Trousdale Pkwy, Los Angeles, California 90089) to hear Turkish professionals and scholars about diverse matters ranging from advices to undergraduate/graduate students to tips for job interviews to starting your own business.

Merve Yurdacan
Merve Yurdacan

After registration and welcoming remarks by the  new Turkish Vice Council Tolga Arslan,  Yasemin Elmas, the General Manager of The Bridge Group, addressed some Immigration and legal Issues.

Professor Elizabeth Erickson, Student Advisor at USC , gave some excellent curriculum and career advice and answered questions.

Ergun Kirlikovali

After a short coffee break, Ergun Kirlikovali, ATAA President and owner of Integrated Polymer Industries, made a power point presentation on  “Innovations  &  Entrepreneurship”, explaining the Triple Two Rule (i.e. employment with big, medium, and small companies, up to two years each, in any order,  prior to starting your own business)  and the 5 pillars of success , namely vision, passion, capital, management, and perseverance, in running your own business.

Aydogan Ozcan

President Kirlikovali was aptly followed by one of the most innovative scholars in the world today, Associate Professor Aydogan Ozcan of UCLA, the inventor of cell phone microscopes . Prof. Ozcan gave a few tips to the wide-eyed students on “Planning for an Academic Career” and answered questions.

The organizers seem to have cancelled without notice the second coffee break, probably with the good intentions of making room for all the speakers.  That move must have come at the cost of networking, however, as many students and speakers, who were looking forward to exchanging contact information, had to leave during the back-to-back presentations.  Seeing what was happening, the remaining speakers felt that they had to shorten their speeches.

Fusun Unsal
Devrim Isik Wellman

Fusun Unsal, Staffing Specialist at Quest Diagnostics made a brilliant presentation on “How to Write an Effective Resume” and Devrim Isik Wellman, a Hollywood film producer, awed the audience with her insight into “Pursuing a Career in Marketing, Advertising and Film”.