Assembly of Turkish American Associations’ (ATAA) TABAN – Turkish American Broad Advocacy Network initiative, which is on a quest to visit 12 cities in 4 months, was at its fifth city – San Diego, California.

ATAA’s President Ergun Kırlıkovalı and Civic Engagement Director Yenal Kucuker were among the guest speakers of a youth activism / career panel organized by the American Turkish Association of Southern California, San Diego (ATA-SC San Diego) – organization with the youngest board of directors in United States. The panel at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) started with a presentation on youth and activism by Yenal Kucuker, who informed the audience about the youth demographics of Turkish Americans in California and the difference that they could make particularly through TABAN. In the second part of the panel, which focused on career, President Kırlıkovalı talked about community activism and leadership as well as starting and developing a successful career in business. Avram Ninyo, another successful businessman and long-time California resident, shared his thoughts and experiences on establishing a successful career and business with the young audience. With his extensive experience in Wall Street, politics and journalism, Yılmaz Erolgac also shared his thoughts and experiences with the young and dynamic Turkish Americans of San Diego. Sarp Sekeroglu, President of ATA-SC San Diego, indicated that with so many successful and seasoned leaders they were bound to be successful future leaders in business as well as civic engagement.

As part of TABAN, ATA-SC San Diego board members Burcu Kliotzkin and Cagıl Mohan visited three Congressional district offices with Yenal Kucuker and informed their district directors about ATA-SC San Diego, ATAA and Turkish Coalition of America (TCA). On behalf of their constituents, Burcu and Cagil also invited their representatives to join the Congressional Turkish Caucus.

TABAN’s sixth destination city is Birmingham, Alabama – another important state for Turkish Americans. TABAN seminar in Birmingham is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 10.