Casual Interview Attire – 5 Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

You want to look dressed up, but not overdone, so when it comes to jewelry and makeup, less is more. Here are five outfits that you can wear to casual interviews and look stylish, while respecting certain rules that apply to what is appropriate for an office space.

While sky high platform shoes, sequined items or tight dresses are on the black list for business interview attire, you don’t want to look too polished or too stiff. Finding a balance between formal and casual means that you can wear patterns and prints, but you don’t want to stand out. Also, you are allowed to wear pants and skirts, as long as they are properly fitted. You don’t need a suit or but at the same time you cannot wear a pair of skinny jeans. There are a lot of dos and don’t, so check out our selection and tell us if it was helpful.

Color Choice

A loose fitting sweater dress is a great choice, but if you choose black, it might look too dark. With white, you will look like a bride and red is just too powerful. That is why green and blue are great: these colors are strong, but they tend to send peaceful vibes. Complete the look with a pair of earrings that will match the dress and a belt in camel. Camel is also a classic choice for footwear and bags, right next to black and nude.

  • Michael Kors Satchel (
  • ABS by Allen Schwartz Earrings (
  • Belt (
  • Shu Moriyama Sweater Dress (
  • Trench Coat (
  • Tabitha Simmons Boots (


You can show of your feminine side as long as nothing is too short or sheer. Wear a pencil skirt suit in a Chanel style, with a plain white blouse. It is very Parisian look and you don’t want to ruin it with jewelry. However, a nice scarf and perfectly polished pair of shoes are a must. You mustn’t wear anything ripped or not ironed. You don’t have to buy new clothes, but you don’t want to show up looking like you just rolled out of bed and picked up the first piece you stumbled upon.

  • Pierre Hardy Pumps (
  • The Row Jacket (
  • Skirt (
  • Shirt (
  • Shoulder Bag (
  • Roda printed scarf (


Refresh an all black, boyish look, with a dark blue bag and a pair of heeled loafers. A pair of high wasted trousers and a matching jacket in black are a good choice, but brighten it up with a floral scarf, which will match the shoes and the bag. If you want to add some jewelry, stick to small pieces which are not distracting. You can wear a coat or a cape, which you will take off, but you are allowed to stay in your little black jacket, so it really doesn’t matter which top you choose as long it matches with the rest of the outfit.

  • VPL Scapula Jacket (
  • Acne High Waisted Trousers (
  • Top (
  • Scarf (
  • Santoni Brogue (
  • Tote Bag (
  • Earrings (


If you know that jeans are an option, go for flaired ones. They are much more interesting and appropriate than a pair of skinny jeans, not to mention leather pants or ripped denim trousers. Combine pastels with brown and create a cute, but equally smart look, with a vintage feeling.

  • Ballet Flats (
  • Rick Owens Cloak (
  • Rachel Zoe Jeans (
  • Shopper (
  • Blouse (
  • Adornment of Yore Necklace (


For women whose style is strongly feminine and girly, the solution is simple: wear a pleated or A-line skirt, cute cardigan and a lace blouse, using various shades of red, soft pink or beige. You can even wear a floppy hat or fedora, to make your outfit more bohemian. Complete the look with a pair of ankle boots and a simple matching bag. Since you are mixing reds with gentle pastels, you will not look overdressed, but when you are wearing red, avoid the red lipstick, unless you want to seduce someone, which is a completely different story.

  • Short Boots (
  • Rag & Bone Dunaway Felt Hat (
  • Dolce & Gabbana Lace Blouse (
  • Jil Sander Skirt (
  • Handbag (
  • Blazer (

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