Club Night Essentials: What Should Be in Your Bag

You spend an hour maybe two on the primping process, and for the first hour or two you’re fabulous. Your hair looks great; all eyes are on you and your friends. Then around hour three or four the look starts to turn for the worst. By hour five you better hope none of those pictures make it to the internet. As you leave the club, limping, with smeared make up, and sweaty hair you have to wonder to yourself, “where did this all go wrong?”. Well darling, you weren’t prepared. No worries. After reading this article your friends will be looking at you as if you’re a mythical character… the girl who still looks hot at the end of the night.

Before you break into “getting ready mode” take the time to pack some clubbing essentials:

The Oversized Clutch

The oversized clutch is your best friend. It’s stylish, it’s not placing a heavy weight on your shoulders and it’s large enough to hold all your essentials without really getting in the way. There are some extra efficient versions of this style that have store away handles so you can convert it from a clutch to a hand bag. Now, as for what goes in it…

Protein Bar

Chances are in all the excitement you forgot to eat. Which is fine, however drinking on an empty stomach is just begging for the worst hangover you’ve ever had in your life. Store a couple of protein bars in your bag. Snack on one while waiting on line or on your way to the club and then have the other half way through the night. It will keep your buzz from going into unwanted territory and you won’t feel so sick in the morning. Try alternating drinks with water as well.

Roll up Ballet Flats

Why these were not invented sooner, I have absolutely no idea. These are brilliant. They are roll up ballet flats that go into a tiny pouch that conveniently fit into your handbag. They come in every color and they don’t look like flimsy pedicure flips flops. HAVE I MENTIONED HOW AMAZING THESE ARE!? So when those heels that you swore up and down were so comfortable, suddenly make your feet feel like you’re walking on hot coals, you can take them off. Yes! Take them off! Without having to walk barefoot or put on some guys oversized sneakers.

Oil Sheets

While your dance floor aerobics may have gotten you a killer glow, that blotchy, sloppy sweat is masking it. Step into the ladies room and take some time to blot off that oil and sweat on your face with Clean & Clear oil blotting sheets. It will keep your glow going, remove the not so hot moisture effect and saving you from any sudden break outs the next day due to the sweat clogging your pores.

A Hair Clip

The curls looked perfect when you left your house. However after that last Rihanna song your curls have fallen flat, and that gorgeous head of hair of yours is now frizz central. A simple hair clip and small hairbrush will suffice to pull together a more polished, and less frazzled look. If you can, roll up a stylish fedora in your bag for when your hair becomes too much to handle.

Deodorant/Small perfume

Purchase a travel size deodorant and grab one of those thirty sample sized perfume bottles you have lying around. When you take a bathroom break remind yourself to do a quick sprits because, disco BO attracts no one. Also in this category are gum and mints. You may think your breath is fine but we’ve all had the experience of talking to someone who’s had one too many drinks and smells awful. Don’t just look great, be hygienic.


You can be girl scout by everyone’s standards but part of being a mature, independent and responsible woman is always being safe. You never know where one night may lead. One night of some “out of the ordinary” behavior may end up changing your life. Not to mention, men don’t have the best track record when it comes to being prepared. So keep it safe ladies.

Emergency Cash

Whether your ride left with that hot DJ, you’re too drunk to drive home, or you woke up one too many burroughs from home, it pays to have some emergency cash for a ride home. Make a habit out of drinking responsibly and a bigger habit out of calling a cab just in case. It may not just affect your safety but the safety of others.

A Back up Outfit

No one likes the walk of shame. Just incase you wake up somewhere that isn’t home, have a back up plan. If you’re wearing a skirt and a top throw a different more casual top in your bag. If you’re wearing a dress, pack a bright colored waist belt and matching scarf to take the look from night to day. Remember, if you pull it off right no one has to know where you’re coming from.

A Key Finder/Phone Finder

We all have had that ridiculous moment of trying to find our keys and phone the next morning. Save yourself the trouble and the effort of trying to retrace your drunken steps by downloading a tracking app onto your phone before walking out the door. Also invest in a key tracker. You’ll be so thankful you did the next day when you suddenly remember that early morning appointment you wish you didn’t make.

Give these steps a spin and find yourself being the most stylish, organized, and stress-free party girl in the place.