Former Canadian diplomat arrested in China

By Barry Ellsworth

TRENTON, Canada (A) – A former Canadian diplomat who oversaw Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 2016 trip to Hong Kong was arrested Tuesday in China.

Michael Kovrig, the senior North East Asia advisor to the non-government agency International Crisis Group (ICG), is being detained in an undisclosed location.

The Brussels-based ICG said it is trying to obtain more information so it can seek his release.

The Canadian or Chinese governments have made statements on the arrest.

There is, however, speculation the arrest is in reprisal for Canada’s arrest of Huawei senior executive Meng Wanzhou.

Meng was arrested at the request of the U.S. government.

Former Liberal leader Bob Rae connected the two incidents.

“It’s called repression and retaliation,” he tweeted.

Meng is in a Vancouver court Tuesday for the third day of a bail hearing. China is demanding her release.

The U.S. government wants her extradited to face fraud charges.