Getting a Body Like Jessica Alba: The Story Behind Her Toned, Perfectly Curved Physique

Having that gorgeous face is just one part of what earned Jess a lifetime membership to every  ”most beautiful” list.

It’s that incredible body of hers that has us all spinning and shaking in our stilettoes that we need to talk about!

Let’s solve the mystery and see how the Amazing Alba, a 31-year-old working mother of two small children, doting wife and Hollywood actress, achieves and maintains her toned, perfectly curvy, mega desirable body.

The Trainer

The Trainer (via

OK, so she has some help. Jessica trains with Ramona Braganza, a former competitive gymnast and NFL cheerleader who has reshaped and perfected some of the most delicious bodies in Hollywood, including Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway.

“To me getting fit isn’t rocket science and anyone can do it. Time management is key as is motivation”, says Braganza.

It’s the ‘wanting it’ part that drives her clients to achieve their workout goals and push their limits.

“When [they] have to look good in a cat suit, then you will find the time and put in the effort. If you can’t train for an hour and burn 500 calories then train for half an hour and eat 250 calories less. At the end of the day, it’s just calories in vs. calories burned,” explains Braganza.

The Method

Inspired by her work with Alba, Braganza has come up with a workout method called the 321 Training Method, which she crafted to get her and other Hollywood-ites action ready quickly and effectively.

“My signature workout combines elements I feel are required to achieve goals of weight loss and toning,” Braganza says. “There are three cardio segments, two circuits of strength training and one core element to make up the 1 hour workout. Everything is arranged to keep the heart rate elevated, calories burning and muscles building!

The key is also to keep things up, even if you can’t get to a gym every day. Or every other day.

If you’re not feeling the intensity, odds are, you are not pushing yourself hard enough.
The key to knowing if you are on the right track with intensity is monitoring your heart rate using a heart rate monitor to make sure you are training in the zone.”

“It’s important to keep active most days, and to incorporate 20 minutes per day of an at-home workout or a walk,” Braganza suggests.

Explains all those pics of Jessica walking around, with or without her little ones, making sure she keeps things on the go and bids adieu to excess calories.

The Booty

The Booty (via

If we had to, absolutely had to pick one part of Jess’s body that stands out (no pun intended, of course), it would be her booty.

So, what does Braganza have to say about this?

“The glutes are a large muscle; they often become inactive due to our sedentary lifestyle,” she explains.

Her main advice is to make a conscious effort during training to connect with the muscle and contract it during movements. “You should feel it tightening up when doing squats, step-ups, kicks and lunges. Squeeze the glutes throughout the move,” suggests Alba’s trainer.

Certainly worth a squeeze, er, shot, don’t you think?

Hot Mommy Management

Proper time management is key toward achieving all our goals. This includes our workout regimen goals and Jessica Alba is no different when it comes to balancing her work and family obligations with her fitness time.

For that ultimate push, she thinks of her two young daughters and the importance of keeping herself healthy and strong for them.

On top of making sure she fits in her workouts, Alba eats healthy by preparing her own meals, concentrating on organic foods, as often as possible.

“I don’t eat a lot of processed foods. I never eat fast food and I don’t eat or drink high-sugar, processed anything,” says Alba. “I stick to mostly organic foods — lots of vegetables and fruit.”

While on a movie set, where she’s facing countless hours of on-camera work, she gets up half an hour earlier in order to exercise.

Still, she doesn’t underestimate the importance of rest, mostly relying on the wonderful healing powers of power naps.

“Try to take advantage of naps as much as you can and drink lots of water”, adds Alba. “And eat organic and fresh as possible because you want to put stuff in your body that’s going to help it run.”

Dedication, proper scheduling, making the right choices and sticking to it is where it’s at!

We know it works for Jessica Alba, now, the question is, are you willing to make it work for yourself?

Before beginning any exercise program, it is recommended that you first consult a physician or other qualified health care provider. A physician or other health care provider can determine what type of exercise, the frequency, and the intensity are appropriate for each individual. A physician or other health care provider may be able to recommend an exercise program that will cater to a person’s specific heath concerns and needs.

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