H. Res. 252 Narrowly Clears the House Foreign Affairs Committee

H. Res. 252 Narrowly Clears the House Foreign Affairs Committee

H. Res. 252 Narrowly Clears the House Foreign Affairs Committee


Passage of the Turkey-Armenia protocols in the Turkish parliament now definitely thrown into disarray.

Rapprochement endangered by a self-serving move by irresponsible politicians designed only to appease  a few greedy, arrogant, and deceptive Armenian extremists.

Turkey-USA relations and American interests in Iraq and Afghanistan may ALSO be negatively impacted.

4 March 2010 – Los Angeles, California  :

The House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC) voted 23-22 to narrowly accept the H. Res. 252, an incredibly dishonest and racist resolution which seems to be penned by the Armenian lobby but known to be rammed through the political process via irresponsible politicians whose survival depend on the Armenian support.    Chairman Berman seemed determined to pass the resolution as he extended voting time stretching the rules and even strong armed wandering members to come in and vote.  As soon as the Yes votes surpassed the No votes by one, Berman called the passage and ended the voting.

Always the strongest lobby in Washington DC, the administration, was conspicuously absent this year in opposing the ill-informed, ill-advised non-binding resolution.  Obama administration, unlike his predecessors, did not act until the very end and it was too little to late when Hillary Clinton finally made that call to Berman urging defeat of the resolution—perhaps afterthought triggered by Turkish President Gul’s phone call to Obama yesterday.

Also absent in opposing the racist and dishonest resolution was the Jewish lobby, arguably as a result of Erdogan’s strongly worded criticism of Israeli policies in Lebanon and Gaza.

Given the nonappearance of the above major players this year in the opposing side, it was expected that the deceptive and fraudulent resolution would easily clear the HFA.  The race, however, was surprisingly close.  So close, in fact, that Berman pulled all his dirty tricks out of the bag to extend the voting time to strong arm a few wandering members of HFAC for a last second victory by only one vote.    After seeing that dirty politicking, one is reminded why politicians score at the bottom of public confidence and trust scales.

Here is a case where America’s interests are trampled upon to appease a few loud constituents.  Perhaps Berman, Schiff, Pallone and others pushing this racist resolution would care to share now with the rest of us their future response to the grieving families of the next group of US soldiers needlessly coming home body bags because they had to take more treacherous routes during evacuations due to closing of the safe route through Turkey by Turks outraged by the passage of this defamatory and fraudulent resolution.

Berman, Schiff, Pallone and others pushing this racist resolution can be proud of their misdeed now:  they falsified history, demonized a friend and an ally, threatened a peace process, and hurt American interests, all in one shot.  They deserve a medal:  the most loyal servants of the hate-cultivating Armenian lobby.  I am sure they will be properly rewarded now.  When America has friends in selfish politicians like these, why does America need enemies?

Make no mistake:  this is a blow to American interests and those members of the HFAC who voted yes must be held accountable for putting Armenia’s interests over America’s to mindlessly serve a single interest, polarizing, and vindictive ethnic lobby.

Make no mistake also that the passage of this malicious Armenian propaganda, thinly veiled in a political resolution, will prove to be a devastating loss to the arrogant and hateful Armenian diaspora lobby and aggressive, irredentist and boastful Armenia.

This was a determined wait by Turkey,  with retaliatory measures standing by, sadly watching the  unfortunate defamation efforts by a few misguided members of HFAC unfold.   Turkey, whose sons fought shoulder to shoulder and died together with Americans in Korea, Bosnia, Somalia, Kosovo, and elsewhere  are demonized by a few irresponsible politicians who play historians with falsified Armenian input.  How do you like that?    Values like honesty, loyalty, courage, determination, and pride in heritage are very important for Turks and Turkey, but apparently, not so for others.

We, the members of the Turkish American community coast-to-coast, worked very hard to educate our elected officials and defeat the dishonest and racist bill, as those who read this column very well know.  Umbrella organizations like ATAA in Washington DC, FTAA in New York, and USTN in Washington DC, as well as charitable educational organizations like Turkish Coalition of America rained down letters, emails, faxes, and phone calls on all members of the HFAC, as well as other members of the Congress  and big media.  HFAC members, responsible ones, were visited by groups of Turkish Americans urging a No vote.

Turkish government sent a small number of members of Turkish parliament who talked to their counterparts in Washington DC.  At the last minute, Turkish president Gul called Obama and Obama administration entered the picture with a phone call from Secretary Hillary Clinton to Chairman Berman urging defeat of the bill.  Too little, too late.

The propaganda machine worked against historical facts all the time.  Remember the misleading CBS 60 Minutes piece,  the falsifications produced and/or broadcast at PBS using Armenian money, the tall tales published in big media and blogosphere,  the harassment and intimidation fielded by the unprincipled, deceitful,  and unscrupulous Armenian lobby?  They all converged to hatch this evil egg…

To show how determined the Turkish Americans were, it suffices to take a look at what TCA alone has been able to achieve and multiply that by many times to arrive at total mobilization.  I guess I owe a debt of gratitude to the chauvinistic and fraudulent Armenian lobby, after all, for bringing the Turkish American community together in a manner not achieved before.  This might also give a clue to those “hungry chickens dreaming to be in a grain silo” about a few of the magic attributes that allowed Turks to create empire after empire for millennia: resourcefulness, adaptability, and creativity.  As the brutal invaders of Turkey and their equally atrocious and treacherous domestic proxies during and after WWI found out in a costly way back in 1915-1922, just when you think Turks are finished, a sure-shot, slam-dunk, victory within plain sight, Turks COME BACK BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER!     And where do Turks draw from in these impossible situations to pull a last second victory from the mouth of a lion?  Form their inner strength…  Want more insight?  Hint:  study the five thousand years of Turkish history stretching over three continents.

Summary of impacts of H.Res. 252 passage:

America lost…

Armenia lost…

Turkey lost…

But Berman, Schiff, and Pallone definitely won…

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