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How To Act When Meeting His Parents: 5 Golden Rules

Although at first, you might think that in situation like this one-night stands show that they have some benefits you probably know that you can’t (and shouldn’t) avoid his family forever.

But still, meeting the parents of your new boyfriend is definitely one of those situations that you would rather avoid, at least for a while. It doesn’t matter if this moment is a formal one, like being invited to a big family diner, or informal, like going one afternoon to their home for a cup of coffee – if you like and care about your new relationship, I can bet you will give everything you have so you leave a good impression on his mom and dad.

A few simple tips will help you when he asks you to meet his folks. Here are 5 golden rules on the way you should act when meeting his parents.

1. Mind the Age Difference

Whatever their age, know that they will most likely be significantly older than you. They were born in a different era, and were brought up in a different set of circumstances. Respect that fact and be courteous at all times. If you’re respectful, they will ask you to forget about rigidness and courtesy, and call them by their first names sooner than you think.

2. See Them as People, not Just “Old” People

At the same time, being respectful doesn’t mean already deciding what kind of lives they live. His parents can be a typical old couple that enjoys reading books and going to bed early, but they can also be motorcycle enthusiasts that spend their weekends on bikes, riding the country.

Have an open mind about them, and show interest in whatever they do.

3. Don’t Try to Impress

Trust me, no one likes a showoff. This can also be applied on your first encounter with his parents. Be open about your life, and feel free to talk about your job or any other part that you appreciate about yourself, but don’t brag about your achievements or business successes. They will like you more if you seem sincere, no matter if you’re a waitress or a CEO of a thriving company.

4. Follow His Lead

From the beginning to the end of your encounter, try to follow your boyfriend’s lead in the conversation. Remember, they are his parents and he knows them a lot better than you do. If you get a sense that he doesn’t want to discuss some particular topic you brought up, avoid it for the time being. If you have a solid relationship, he will surely explain to you later on why he didn’t want to talk about it in front of his parents.

5. Have a Sense of Humor

This is the most important advice I can give you. You will be nervous, and his mom and dad will also try to leave a good impression on you, so they will probably feel the same.

From my experience, in a situation where everybody is a little tense, awkward things tend to happen. If they do, laugh them off, and accept them with an open heart.

His parents will also gladly embrace an easy-going atmosphere, and it’s the biggest ally you can have when meeting his parents.


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