How to Get Hotter Butts and Legs for Free?

It is almost July, ladies and gentleman! It is  perfect time to go to the beach in California.

The ocean is warming up and our summer outfits are ready!  How about our bodies ?

Are you ready to walk around in your swimsuits without worrying about what other people think of you ?

I care myself, I love myself and my body. Above all, I want to live a healthy and happy life !

I will write these series of “hotter butts and legs” for the ones who care about their bodies like I do.
This is going to be the story of “HOW I MET THE HEALTH COACH DENISE“.

Everything happens for a good reason. I have moved to Culver City for several reasons.  Denise is my new roommate. She is
definitely the person who I was looking for a sport buddy. In addition to working for Lufthansa, she is a health coach who pursues a healthy and wealthy life. Not only she holds free workout classes, but also does she give free online advices.Furthermore, She is a member of bikini booty club.

I will write an amazing story about bikini booty club next week. Denise is the health coach of the club located in Culver City. She gives classes 3 times a week.

So, I have joined her group at Culver City Stairs today. Although I have a sports background, I should admit that these exercises were not very easy for me. Although I went for hiking in Alps couple of times last year, “stairs” seem to be harder, especially if you need to follow a certain speed. The view from the hill was really amazing, it definitely worths seeing Los Angeles from the top view. Especially after seeing the sunset, I was thinking it might be a good place for dating rather than working out :). It was so crowded. That’s really unlucky that I haven’t discovered that place before. After climbing up to stairs we ran down through the pathway. We worked out at the top of the hill, then we walked back. The people in the group were really cheerful, sporty and they were all fit. I was told they live either in Hollywood or Thousand Oaks area. In fact, it was very nice to have this experience instead of going to smelly gyms. Bikini booty is fresh and the positive people around you, who also care about themselves,motivates you. I always think that the real sportmen/sportwomen should be a nice person without bad habits. Moreover, the secretion of the hormone that makes you happy is doubled if you workout outdoors.

Last but not least, folks who are here to improve their English, it is time for you to stop hanging out with only Turkish people. Keep in mind that you have plenty of them waiting for you in Turkey, so no need to worry. Come to join us; other than having fun, you will have the chance to improve your English in a beautiful environment for free.

This saturday morning, first I will join Santa Monica stairs hiking and then I will go to play beach volleyball. Everyone is more than wellcome. Please follow me on twitter,  or check the website  to get more details about the event, you can also sign up from that website.

By the way, if you are lazy and you do not want to drive, I have good news for you!. Almost all regions have their own health coaches. I am going to give more details next week. Please feel free to contact me and ask if you have further questions.

Both I and Alaturkaonline care about your health, so it may be time for you to go for a healthy change.

Seda Gayretli / Los Angeles
[email protected]

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