How to Get Rid of Neck Pain in 5 Simple Steps

There’s more than just hope for you, just muster a positive attitude and follow my time-proven steps. I’ve compiled them over the past two years for my own use, but now I want the likes of me to learn how to get rid of neck pain in a natural, drug-free way.

This won’t come over night, but you will feel benefits from day one of approaching your condition holistically, from all aspects. This means it’s not only about exercise. Little by little correct posture will become your second nature and after the first few weeks you won’t need to remind yourself of it constantly.

As soon as your body feels the benefits, your subconscious mind will become receptive. Consequently, your intuition will show you how to get rid of neck pain so you’ll be doing what feels good while avoiding injuries and traumas wrong exercise cause.

1. Sitting and Standing Ergonomics

No, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a fancy chair and then obsess about the exact angles your elbows and knees are positioned at. You just need to apply a common sense approach and realize that your strained muscles and bulging discs have a cause – and it’s you.

More precisely, it’s your bad sitting and standing habits and slouching posture which moves the neck discs out of their place, so they start pressing nerves and you end up in pain. Learning to restrain from slouching your shoulders and ducking your head forward are the key answers to how to get rid of neck pain.

Being a tutor and writer, I sit most of the time, and therefore have to use only the best resources to preserve my health and working capability. I’ve had my share of physiotherapists, chiropractors and nights of online research. It all helped up to a point. Still, the guru of all good posture I can warmly recommend is Dr. Jolie Bookspan. She gives a wealth of free advice and pain-busting illustrated exercises on her website.

2. Off the Beaten Path Exercises

While it is useful to make use of free online resources, do stick to what your own doctor suggests and test it for a couple of months to see if it works for you. If there’s no improvement, be open minded enough to give the alternatives a chance.

Yoga has done wonders for me, but I learnt to be cautious, because there are many advanced asanas which can cause an injury rather than heal you if you’re just starting out.

It’s enough to attend only a couple of private yoga lessons with a good qualified yogi to be shown light neck workout. If you can’t afford this it’s ok to study a number of youtube videos on the topic, but only in order to find easy and harmless beginner hatha yoga stretches and positions.

Another great and natural ancient practice is qigong. Since it raises energy levels and improves blood flow, your neck and spine will benefit significantly. The gentle moves prevent any injury. The beautiful thing is, you can do qigong no matter how old you are.

If you can’t find a local teacher, order a well rated video course like Lee Holden’s, or practice along numerous free online videos.

3. Sleeping Support

Since you spend up to a third of your day sleeping, it’s important to support your neck during this important recuperation period. There’s a myriad of special products out on the market: memory foam pillows, aloe vera pillows, hemp pillows and other novelties. If you’re not allergic, a firmer down pillow will do just fine, as long as you position it well and tuck it under the neck curve as you lie either on your back or sideways, which is ideal.

If you experience more than just cervical spine discomfort, try using lumbar and knee pillow support to take the pressure of your lower back as well. Don’t invest in these support sets right away, but use regular pillows or rolled blankets to see if your sleep quality improves over a couple of nights.

4. Massage and Self-massage

There is no bigger treat for neck pain sufferers than a good medical massage. Luckily, you can do a quick self-massage of your strained neck any time while sitting at the office desk. It only takes a couple of minutes, so your work flow won’t be interrupted. Either learn the easy moves from youtube videos or order an inexpensive manual on massage that fits your busy lifestyle.

For serious and chronic neck pain, look for a certified Yumeiho massage therapist and invest in this 100-movement wonder which will help you restore proper body weight distribution and self-heal afterwards. It’s a mixture of massage, stretching and chiropractic adjusting. Check out why it is called divine massage. You’ll never have doubts on how to get rid of neck pain once you try it.

5. Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment

Saving the most powerful one for the end: Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic is a 100% pain-free ultrasound adjustment lasting only minutes and bringing miraculous immediate results. Never heard of AO? It’s only because it’s still considered alternative or novelty, even though many MDs are thrilled with its healing power.

Your nerves recover instantly, and your whole body starts functioning as it should – and only then you realize how bad your cervical spine really was. This one you can’t do on your own. Locate the nearest certified AO practitioner, regain your health and thank me later.