How to Know if He Really Loves You

How to Know if He Really Loves You

Even if he tells you he loves you, it’s unlikely that he’ll tell you any more than that because men aren’t exactly feeling oriented. Us girls, we can talk feelings all day. We share when we’re happy, sad, disappointed, fearful, anxious and more. Men say when they’re hungry or horny. That’s about it.

That leaves you trying to figure out exactly how he feels about you by his actions. Luckily, those are great cues to go by because, as it’s always been said, actions do speak louder than words.

Here are some actions he may be taking that do, in fact, say his love for you loud and clear:

He Holds Your Hair Up when You Throw Up

If you’re sick and he holds your hair for you or rubs your back as you pray to the porcelain God, it’s the real deal. This is especially true if he’s gagging the whole time because his stomach can’t take the sound of your vomiting.

A man who is willing to stay by your side when you’re ill is someone who is going to stick with you when the times get tough. He will have your back when you need and he’ll love you when the chips are down.

He Helps Out Your Parents

Nothing says love more than making the people that are important to you important to him as well. So, if he’s helping your dad change the oil in his car or putting up a picture for your mom, he definitely has a love for you deep in his heart.

And, he gets bonus points if he helps them out without even having to be asked. A guy who is willing to just jump right in and take care of your parents or other family members’ needs is extra special and a keeper in every sense of the word.

He Takes Care of Your Cat

Men would typically rather shoot a cat than take care of it, so if Fluffy is fed and watered while you’re away, there’s no doubt that you are the top woman on his list. It’s one thing to be nice to your feline in your presence, but a man who takes care of your pet when there’s no immediate payback for him, has to care for you deeply.

Dogs are different. Not that he doesn’t love you if he takes care of Fido, he probably does. But, men are usually more accepting of a canine versus a feline.

And if you have some exotic pet that absolutely freaks him out but he keeps it alive for you, then this man is head over heel for you and deserves a medal of honor.

He Blows off His Pals to Spend Time with You

Does he bypass a night with the guys to go with you to your niece’s dance recital because he knows it’s important to you? And has he said no to a football game with the boys if he hasn’t seen you in a few days because of your opposite work schedules?

If he’s putting you in front of the guys he’s hung out with since high school or college, then cupid has struck. Men covet their guy time. They like to chill with the boys and have some brews while hashing over work and sports, so if you’ve beat that then you’re definitely his top priority.

He Watches Chic Flicks with You

There is no bigger testament to a man’s love than sitting with his girl as she sniffles over love gone wrong (or right) on the big screen. In fact, if he’s watching anything with you that doesn’t involve sports, business or a stupid cartoon, then his love is the real deal.

Remember that men don’t like emotions, which is the foundation of most chic flicks. So, facing the one thing he fears the most for two hours straight means that he’s willing to go outside his comfort zone if it means that he gets to spend some quality time with you.

He Calls You when He’s Away

Whether out of town on business or just at work for the day, if he calls you just to let you know he’s thinking of you, then he’s been bitten by the love bug. It’s his way of saying (without saying) that he just had to hear your voice.

And, don’t freak out if he texts instead of calls; he still cares. Maybe he only has a second or is caught in a meeting so he can’t talk. Or perhaps he just prefers text as his form of communication.

Don’t second guess it. Just take it as his way of trying to keep in contact with you because he misses you when he’s not right by your side.

He Does Your Laundry

A lot of men don’t do laundry, period. So if he’s willing to do yours, that means that he’s comfortable with you, right down to your dirty undies. He’s willing to do what it takes to pitch in and do his part because he wants you to know he’s committed to being your equal.

Bonus points go to him if he puts them away on top of washing them. That means he’ll take care of you and your needs for many years to come.

If your guy does things like these for you, there’s no doubt that he loves you, respects you and wants to make you happy. So, if this is your guy, congratulations because he’s the real deal.