How to Look Like Alessandra Ambrosio

Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio seems to have it all – a cute fiance, adorable kids, a multimillion bank account, but most of all, the looks that make her one of the highest paid supermodels in the world.

The brown-eyed, brown-haired beauty is known for her simple, yet chic style when she’s not strutting the catwalk with her fellow angels. Juggling motherhood with an impressive career sure isn’t a piece of cake, but Alessandra makes it look easy, looking put-together and classy in every occasion.


Alessandra’s hair is naturally dark, and she sometimes has subtle highlights put in. The Brazilian beauty’s hair is straight, but she is usually seen with a slightly tousled look which looks effortless yet gorgeous. Ask your hairstylist for a medium brown color with just a few of the honey-colored highlights, to give you the sun-kissed look. Put a few around your face, and even try making the lower half of your hair a shade lighter, for that “just got back from a summer vacation” look.


Like other Brazilian ladies, Alessandra has a gorgeous, natural looking tan, so make the most of the Sun you can soak up naturally. Sunbeds are not recommended for obvious health reasons, but get the perfect tan with one of the self-tanning creams or bronzers.


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Obviously, we can’t change your genetic code to make you a catwalk Angel, but work on your body regularly to achieve the sexy look. Toned abs and legs are a must, and so is a healthy diet. Alessandra recommends eggs for breakfast, nuts or fruits for a mid-day snack, and her favorite, low-cal Japanese food for, well, almost every other meal. The girl sure loves her sushi!


Use bronzer for a sexy glow like Alessandra’s, and a light blush to accentuate your cheekbones. If you have dark eyes, a simple black eyeliner and mascara will be enough, but if your eyes are hazel, blue or green, use a bit of darker shadow as well to make them more pronounced. Alessandra usually goes for a smoky-eye look for the evening, paired with a neutral gloss on her perfect pout.


This is one model we often see in flats, which is a welcome change from the usual Hollywood 12-inch heel trend. For a day out with the kids, Alessandra will wear flat sandals in a neutral color adorned with rhinestones, or metallic details. Add some denim cut-offs which are one of her wardrobe must-haves, a cute top and you’re good to go!

Alessandra often wears plain T-shirts or tank tops, which she dresses up with fun scarves and designer glasses.

  • Alessandra Casual Photo (
  • Studded Levi’s Denim Shorts (
  • SuperTrash Blouse Blossom White (
  • Mottled Viscose Scarf (
  • Gucci Women’s Brown Lovely Loveheart Large Sunglasses (
  • Dolce & Gabbana Light Brown Textured Leather Bag (

For a more glamorous look, pair the denim shorts with a striped top, red studded booties and a large black bag. Alessandra accessorized it with a silver pendant necklace and a large gold bangle.

  • Alessandra Black Photo (
  • River Island Shorts (
  • Koko Black and White Striped Tunic Top (
  • Anya Hindmarch Black High Shine Leather Pimlico Tote (
  • Shoes School Stuff (
  • Swarovski Shooting star necklace (
  • Vendola’s Bangle (

For an evening event, Alessandra will almost always go with signature black, or metallic.

Pick a trendy dark dress with see-through or lace details, pair it with gold sandals and a matching black-gold clutch.

  • Alessandra Evening Photo (
  • Michael Kors Black lace dress (
  • Jimmy Choo – Viola Dressy Shoes (
  • Mel Boteri Lola Clutch (

The most important tip from Alessandra herself – be confident and happy with what you’ve got, and make the most of it.

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