How to Read His Body Language on Your Date

How to Read His Body Language on Your Date

When you’re dating, it can be hard to tell what’s running through his mind. You don’t know him well enough to decipher between whether his glancing over your shoulder is an indication that he’s looking for a quick exit or if he’s just trying to scope out the nearest restroom.

How can you tell whether he’s interested if he isn’t saying? You read his body language. The human body has natural, and often subconscious, responses to certain feelings. So, even if he isn’t opening up, there are things you can look for to make that determination on your own.

Just answer the following questions:

Is He Leaning Toward You or Away From You?

If he leans toward you, it means he’s interested; away from you, not so much. We tend to want to be closer to things we enjoy. It’s like when you walk into a kitchen and fresh bread just came out of the oven. Even if you don’t intend to take a piece right then, you walk over to it so you can fully savor its aroma.

The same is true when you’re enjoying the person you’re with. You lean into them to establish that greater connection. You reduce the physical space between you in an attempt to close the gap psychologically as well. So, if he keeps leaning toward you, it’s a good sign.

Are His Arms and Legs Crossed or Uncrossed?

Are his arms crossed against his chest like he’s a bodyguard, or are they open and relaxed? Crossed arms are a subconscious gesture; they’re closing themselves off to you. It’s like their shield that they put up to keep their distance. However, if his arms are at his side or he uses them as he talks, that means that he’s open and more comfortable with letting you in.

Crossed ankles, on the other hand, are a good thing. If he’s resting one ankle on top of the other, that says he’s at ease with you. It’s like when he assumes his comfy position on the couch to watch the game. Except this time, you just happen to be the star player that he’s keeping an eye on.

Are His Feet Pointed Toward You or Away From You?

Look at which way his feet are pointing. Are his toes facing toward you, or away from you? Usually, a person points their toes in the direction of whatever interests them. So, if there’s a straight line from his big toe to you, you have his attention. If not, his little piggies are looking for a way to go wee, wee, wee all the way home…without you.

Does He Look You in the Eye, or does He Spend more Time Looking Away?

When you’re talking, is he maintaining eye contact, or does he keep scanning the room? Generally speaking, if someone keeps good eye contact with you, it means that they’re interested and listening to what you’re saying. Now, if he doesn’t keep good eye contact with you, it could be one of two things. Either he’s shy or he’s uninterested.

If he’s shy, he will probably couple looking away with a slight smile. It’s a sign that he likes you but he’s just nervous. No smile, he’s probably uninterested. If he keeps scanning the room, he is either looking for someone else that peaks his interest or he’s trying to plan his escape route.

This particular sign isn’t something that you can take on its own merit. In some cultures, it’s a sign of respect to limit eye contact. Or, too much gazing can be viewed as just plain creepy. So, you’ll want to judge this one in conjunction with the other things his body is telling you.

What is He Doing with His Tableware?

When he’s talking to you, does he keep running his fingers along the rim of his glass or along the border of his napkin? If he’s constantly rubbing something, whether it be his water glass, beer bottle, napkin, fork or whatever happens to be in front of him, this is a great sign. Why?

Because he’s wishing it was you he had his hands on instead. In his mind, he’s envisioning what it’s like to touch you so his hands subconsciously go through the motions. It’s his way of living his dream without mauling you right then and there.

Has He Touched You at all?

If he’s interested in you, he’ll take whatever opportunity he can to make your body connect with his. Maybe he’ll touch his foot to yours when he’s sitting across from you or gently lay his hand on yours while telling a story. He might put his hand on the small of your back when you’re walking to your table. It doesn’t matter how it happens, the point is that it does.

Now, if he’s keeping his distance, it’s not necessarily that he’s not interested. He may be just shy. So, pay attention to how much space he keeps between the two of you.

When you’re trying to figure out how he feels about you, take a look at his entire demeanor to see if you’ve captured his attention. Don’t focus on just one thing because there are always exceptions to the rule. If you have good vibes, rock on. If not, rock out.