How to Turn a Guy On

Make Him Feel Sexy

Sometimes, all you need to do to turn it on is stroke his ego a little bit. That’s right. Simple as that! It’s quite logical, really. If he feels sexy around you he’ll definitely be a lot more turned on. When you combine the fact that most guys have a massive ego that needs to be fed with the fact that they’re pretty much always the ones giving out compliments it’s pretty obvious that something doesn’t quite add up there. If you let him know (subtly of course) you like his hot bod or smile or something he’ll feel desirable. And desirable often translates into turned on!

Give Him a Glimpse of Your Wild Side

And I seriously mean a little glimpse! At least for starters! Then, if your wild side is a significant part of who you are, you can ease him into it. The thing is most guys actually want a nice girl. Someone well mannered, poised, someone that’d be glad to take home to mom.

Well, they want that side of her to be predominant. In fact, they’d die to see you get a little wild and crazy. Just a little bit. It turns them on like nothing else, especially, if the other side of you is a complete goody-goody. There’s a wide range of stuff you can do to show him you can be a mischievous little minx – from handling your alcohol like a man to whistling for a cab when you’re in a rush. I’ve been known to do the later one, and actually, almost all men who’ve seen me do it have been impressed. I guess girls aren’t supposed to know how to whistle or something, so it comes as a surprise.

See my point? Do anything that’d come as a bit of a surprise and he’ll be charmed! And, turned on!

Little Skin Goes a Long Way

This one’s a no brainer! Showing off a little skin is somehow sexually inviting! Well, in their minds it does. And when I say a little I do mean that exactly! They don’t want to see it all they really enjoy seeing little glimpses of bare skin here and there! Most of them at least. So, a cute little cropped top, or even a baggy of the shoulder top with a cute skirt, will get you what you want.

Also, very fitted clothes, that show of your figure are a hit! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – guys are all about the visual! Sure, they like a girl who can hold a conversation and do all sorts of interesting things, but we’re talking about turning him on here! You’ve got to flaunt what Mother Nature gave you!

Witty Banters are More Than Welcome

Little verbal sparring is sexy! Being witty and flirty at the same time is sexy! Just keep in mind two things. One – it’s okay to dish it out only if you know how to take it! And two – don’t go overboard! Serving up some heat in a friendly and flirty manner is fine, and will do the trick, but you don’t want to be rude!

Unexpected Touches

A woman’s touch can be electrifying! I mean, if you’ve also got that look in your eyes, if the situation is right, if you’ve been flirting around, if it’s the right time etc. But you know that moment right? When one simple touch would make a huge difference!

So, my friend’s got this little trick she does, to sort of heat things up when they’re already near the boiling point so to say. When she and this guy are standing real close, talking, flirting and all that stuff, she’ll lean in, smile and say something like ‘You’ve got something on your cheek’ and slowly pretend to wipe it off. Sounds weird and funny, I know, but it works like a charm!