How to Turn On a Leo Man in the Bedroom

Leo is the guy who dominantly enters a room with a big smile and washes away any negative feelings of boredom or sadness. I know a Leo guy who lights up my world when I see him approach, it’s just something about his wide inviting smile and the twinkle in his eyes.

Leo is the kind of friend that exudes warmth and positive vibes, sharing his big ideas and thinking outside of the box to bring exciting new dimensions to dull and worn-out concepts. He will bring life and inspiration into any room or conversation.

Unfortunately for this lively and cheerful sign, his headstrong and somewhat stubborn personality can be his downfall, particularly when it comes to finding a mate. Beneath the Leo man’s courageous and dignified exterior lies an insecurity that renders him susceptible to emotional vulnerability.

It is very hard for a Leo man to find a partner because he has such high expectations. He seeks loyalty and adoration, but detests sycophants. He wants to be worshiped but at the same time he is attracted to free spirits like himself. This doesn’t mean that it’s particularly difficult to capture his attention and know how to turn him in bed though!

Leo Traits to Watch Out For

If you want to catch the attention of a Leo man, it isn’t rocket science, but it does require a certain level of insight. Here are some typical Leo traits to be aware of…

  1. His naive selfishness – He doesn’t mean it in a bad way, but the fact is the Leo man loves to be admired, looked up to and followed. He doesn’t see that there is anything wrong with it, and certainly doesn’t intend to step on anyone’s toes along the way. This is just the way he was born. He was born a lion king and this is all he knows. So why bruise his ego and create barriers, when you can treat it with the sensitivity he needs and gain the attention you desire from him?
  2. His giant ego – He wants to be at the centre of all of your fantasies, so don’t hold back. Tell him everything in great detail and he will lap it up with that lion-sized tongue of his! You can use this to your advantage in the bedroom because he will be itching to hear everything you love about him, everything you have fantasised about him doing to you, how he makes you feel… you get the pic.
  3. He wants to dominateNot that this will come as a surprise to you. Yes, leo’s like to be in control and in charge under the sheets! He also wants a lover who is strong, who will stand by his side and support him. So there is room for a little give and take, especially under the sheets. He certainly doesn’t want you to just roll over and take it from him! Provide him with a challenge, and like a lion, the longer it has taken him to hunt down and catch his prey, the longer her will take to devour it… sounds like fun!

Leo the Lion…

The easiest way to think about a Leo man, is to compare him with a male lion. I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but it really does help put things into perspective. Here is a break-down of his lion-like traits, you will see what I mean.

  • He is Leader of the pack – If you challenge his authority or respond to his sarcasm with sarcasm of your own, he will interpret it as you trying to belittle him, and the barriers will shoot up. If you want him to like you, don’t make him feel like an idiot, do the opposite. He has to feel you admire him in order to feel secure, and be the big proud lion he was born to be.
  • His mane is his ego – Take it away and he’s nothing special, right? Well whether it’s true or not, this is probably what he fears the most. So underneath his bravado there will always be an insecurity which makes him sensitive. Rub him up the wrong way and he will jump into defense mode. Tread gently with sensitive issues and be aware that his skin is not that thick, and you will allow him to open up and be himself, which will never be a bad thing when it comes to reaping the rewards of your worshiping in the bedroom!
  • A strong lioness – He is looking for a woman that matches his strength who can fight alongside him, be a support and make him look good! This means you need to be a woman he is proud of. It doesn’t matter whether you are a perfect size ten or a large busty woman, short or tall, blonde or brunette; what is important, and what will turn your Leo man on, is if you take a pride in your appearance and the way you present yourself. Aim to impress him and he will feel confident that together you can impress the world.
  • A nurturing partner – He may be a big tough lion on the outside, but underneath he is an overgrown pussycat who just wants to snuggle up to his partner and be tended to, with genuine unconditional love and affection. All that worshiping will pay off when you are the one the great big cat comes back to for comfort.
  • A pack animal – Secretly Leo’s are very traditional. They like the idea of marriage and building a family, but they have extremely high expectations and expect their partner to be perfect from the outset. If you can understand all of these Leo qualities, then you can ensure that you are the woman he will want to make happy.

Leo in Bed…

Because of his desire for applaud, Leo is likely to give a terrific performance in the bedroom. While he does tend to be a traditionalist, he is also an exhibitionist and loves to show off! All you have to do to turn him on is admire him. Make him feel like the ‘man’.

If you’re a bit coy even better! He’ll like that. Here are some quick tips to get you started…

  1. Find ways to flatter him in bed, but make sure you are genuine! Think not only about what you love about him, but also what you love about the way he makes you feel.
  2. Be proud of him. Show him how proud you are by wanting to show him off! Tell him about the event that is coming up and ask him if he will escort you.
  3. Leo’s love extravagance, so fork out for champagne or extravagant gifts you can enjoy together in the bedroom.
  4. Make him feel like he is the best by whispering that nobody else compares…
  5. Be playful in bed and give him the confidence; let him take the lead.