Is He the Right Guy for Me

Is He the Right Guy for Me. You might wonder, how can we know if you don’t? Oh, trust us, there is a formula.

Just listen to my story and you’ll get the picture.

Is He the Right Guy for Me

I’m the kind of girl that falls in love all the time. I buy newspaper, I fall in love. I go to a café, I fall in love. I sit alone in my room, I fall in love (with an imaginary guy). And I fall out of love easily. And in the meantime, I ask myself, is he the one for me. Well, if you want the answer, you need to hear about those guys.

The French Lover

We didn’t spend too much time together. We spent some time in Paris and some time in my home town. When we don’t see each other, we don’t talk. I was never very into long distance relationships.

He would play “Lua” by Bright Eyes to me and we’d make snow angels. We would smoke Marlboro Lights and sleep for 13 hours straight. We’d watch Japanese movies and be the only people capable to hail a taxi in Rue Montorgueil. We would be drunk and sing Serge Gainsbourg in the middle of the street, he’d go and tattoo sign of love.

It is a circle with two dots outside the circle, and the dots never connect, which is why the circle stays pure. So I ask myself, is he the right guy for me?

Mister Depression

He always wanted to be cool as hell, and he thought over thinking everything was the way to go. He’d be the guy to read Nietzche at a hippie beach. He’d question everything. I found that to be tiring. Still, he loved me and I loved him in a peculiar way. I loved the way he’d look at me and call me at 9 a.m. just so he’d make me breakfast. Once, I called him because I was down and he left the party to see me. Was he the right guy for me?

Mister Not There


He was completely different than me and very alike at the same time. He was already with someone and that didn’t bother me too much, because I never saw love as some kind of exclusivity contract and because I also hated commitment.

I cared about him very much, not only in the “love interest” kind of way, but also as a person. I loved having coffee with him at my favorite café and just looking at him while he’d chain smoke. I was just happy to be around him. Was he the right for me?

Childhood Friend


We used to paint together. We used to go to art colonies together when we were 13 and to this day, we do a painting from time to time and we walk our dogs together. He is very intelligent and makes the best jokes. He’d comfort me when I would cry because I’m bored (I was 15 and drunk).

When I decided to study film directing, he borrowed me his camera so I would film a black wall for 15 minutes and name the film “The meaning of life.” He was the only one who believed I’d do it. And few days ago, he told me he was in love with me. I told him I’m not but I do love his little sister. The joke wasn’t funny. So I asked myself, Is he the right guy for me.

And here’s the answer for me, and for you.

This is a short resume of my love life and I’ve always asked myself, is he the right guy for me? And the answer was always the same.

If you have to question anything, he is not right for you. He’s just Mister Right Now. True love leaves little space for questioning.

I don’t question my favorite kind of coffee. I don’t question my love for Vogue, my love for Paris, my love for the Spring, my love for Rychi Sakamoto. One day, I won’t question my love for somebody because questioning is a thing of mind, while loving is a thing of love.