Local & renewables form 89% of Turkey's power on June 5

By Murat Temizer

ANKARA (AA) – Turkey produced 89% of its electricity from domestic and renewable resources on June 5, according to statistics from Turkey's Energy and Natural Resources Ministry.

The statistical data showed the country produced a total of 543.46 million kilowatt-hours of electricity on June 5.

Hydro plants constituted the largest percentage of 59.98% of this total equivalent to 325.96 million kilowatt-hours

Local coal plants contributed 18.57% to electricity generation, wind plants powered 3.53%, and natural gas power plants added 5.95%, while 5.24% consisted of imported coal.

The remaining 6.73% was generated from geothermal, fuel oil and biogas plants.

In total, Turkey produced 88.81% of its electricity from local and renewable resources on June 5. On the same day, Turkey consumed 534.57 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.

Last year, on the same day Turkey produced 33.11% of electricity from natural gas, 18.36% from imported coal.

Local and renewable resources had only 48.53% share in the electricity production.

Turkey's total installed power capacity reached 89.68 gigawatts by the end of April 2019, according to official figures.