Los Angeles – Arts & Entertainment

Art and the Theater: LA’s Brightest and Best Actors and Actresses.

Of course, since the major motion picture industry of Hollywood is in Los Angeles, there are actors and actresses trying to make it to the big screen. They hope to be discovered any way they can. Because of this, there are a multitude of theaters and venues that have sprung up that offers everything from plays by small time players up to outside theaters that offer established singers and musicians.

The Greek Theater on Vermont Avenue is a premiere outdoor theater in Griffith Park. It is the most historic entertainment venues and has played host to some of the biggest names in entertainment from classic to rock to reggae to pop performances by The Who, Alicia Keys, Pearl Jam, Tina Turner and many other big names. The Acme Comedy Tour, on North La Brea Avenue, is a premier improvisation comedy theater that utilizes a mixture of props, audience participation and nightly hilarity to bombard the senses and leaves a person smiling all the way home. Another great place to visit is the Museum of Neon Art which offers a journey like no other involving the art and history of neon. For more information visit: www.neonmona.org.

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