Los Angeles – Government Services

The Government of the City of Los Angeles

The local government infrastructure in Los Angeles has offices managing the spread of services that the city requires. The City Attorney´s Office, (http//:atty.lacity.org) as a legal entity, supports the crime protection infrastructure of the Police Department and its judicial system. Business relevant information can be obtained from the City Controller’s Office which provides details on company audits and reports, city budgets as well as information on employment opportunities. For further information or advice as an employee, the Employee Relations Board will provide advice, counsel and referrals if necessary.

Domestic matters are handled by various departments across the city, the Department of Aging and Fire & Police pensions Department look after the retired community with the Department on Disability providing information for disabled citizens or those who work and live with the disabled. The Commission for Children, Youth and Their Families offers support to the younger population of the city and the Cultural Affairs Department handles festivals, exhibitions, performances and considers and approves plans for restoring old buildings. This work is done in collaboration with the Building and Safety Department. The Harbor Department, Los Angeles Airport and the Transportation Department can be contacted for transport related queries; while the Environmental Affairs Department can be contacted for obtaining any information with regard to the environment. This department works in close cooperation with the Emergency Preparedness Board to ensure that the city is always well prepared for any kind of natural calamities.

Housing relevant issues are taken care of by the Housing Authority and Housing Department, both of which work with the Department of Water and Power for all energy supply matters. The Community Development Department and Planning Department keep the city growing with its needs and these are the ports of call for any issue relating to town planning or community growth.

Table of Contents

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2. Living in City
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7. Nightlife
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