Los Angeles – Health & Beauty

Spas to Cosmetic Surgery: The Beautiful Side of Los Angeles

Spas are definitely the “in” thing in Los Angeles. Stars and regular people can take advantage of the varied spas that are available. Aqua Star Spas in the Beverly Hilton Hotel is one of the most expensive. It has a full complement of amenities and it has world-class treatments. It features health and well-being treatments using essential oils and botanical ingredients

. La Petite Retreat and Spa is a French-Asian island retreat for the ultimate pampering experience. It has an outdoor garden Cabana for an indulgent couple’s Zen Stone Massage. La Petite Retreat and Spa is one of the Top 10 Luxury Spas in the City of Los Angeles. You can’t mention the beautiful side of Los Angeles without mentioning that it is the Cosmetic Surgery capital of the United States. If you can tuck it, pluck it, or suck it, you can get it done, for a fee. Los Angeles is a place to play, an expensive place to live but it is always a blast to be there. If you just want to people watch or if you want to be a star, Los Angeles is the place to be.

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