Los Angeles – Job Opportunities

Jobs in LA: Where Did They Go?

The State of California lost a half-million jobs in 2009 alone, making it the 3rd highest in unemployment. In 2010, the unemployment rate in the State of California hovers at about 12.2% and Los Angeles has the exact same rate of unemployment. There are jobs though. You just have to find one that has not been taken over by an illegal immigrant, working for pennies on the dollar, and you have to be willing to do just about any kind of work. The job market, though, is extremely extensive and diverse. An employment agency is probably the first place to go if you are having problems finding employment. There are many out there and a lot of them do not just place secretaries and warehouse workers.

Jobs currently available include the computer software industry, food service, government/military and the various attractions that are hiring staff. There are some higher paying jobs available if you have a degree predominately in the computer industry. Educators are always in demand; you just have to know where to go. You also have to be willing to move wherever the jobs are in California. In 2010, the average annual salary for Los Angeles County is $46,200, which makes it #8 on the list of counties within California. Santa Clara County is ranked #1 with an average annual salary of $71,774.

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