Los Angeles – Restaurants & Food

Food, Food Everywhere: The Eclectic Diversity of Restaurants in Los Angeles.

Besides all of the national fast-food chains, there are numerous restaurants that feature some of the world’s most esteemed chef’s that are trying to make their mark within the industry in Los Angeles. “Fusion Cuisine” is LA’s newest culinary fad where you can find a Cajun-style burrito or a New England clam chowder that has the spices of the Orient mixed in. One of the most different restaurants is the Opaque. It is a unique restaurant where the theme is dining in the dark. It is pitch-black in the dining area and all of the wait staff is visually impaired. This type of dining experience was seen in a CSI episode.

Another culinary treat is Circa 55, located in the Beverly Hills Hilton, which is a top-end steakhouse that combines local produce with steaks and seafood for an artful culinary experience. Usually, the cost is about $30 to $50 a plate. On a more eccentric side of the restaurant business is the Geisha House which is a traditional Japanese restaurant that combines Japanese sake bars with traditional Geisha entertainment. The prices on the menu look small but, if you add all of the separate foods up, you can easily spend $100 per meal.

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