Los Angeles – Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Los Angeles: There is Always Something to See in LA

There is always something to do or to see in Los Angeles. For those that crave museums and culture, it’s all available in LA. For those that crave thrills and chills, it’s in LA as well. And for those that enjoy tours, you won’t find a better place to take one.

A very popular tour is the Hollywood Movie Star Experience. It is a 6 hour trip that entails touring around to see movie star’s homes, taking a tour around Sony Pictures Studio and then seeing the sites inside the “Heart of Hollywood.” This experience gives you the best chance of seeing a movie star. The cost for this begins at around $98 per person. For those thrills and chills, visit one of the many theme parks around. There is Disney Land, of course, that offers tickets for $59 dollars per person or you can have a tour guide with you for about $120 per person. A very must-do attraction is visiting SeaWorld of San Diego. You will visit polar bears, penguins, manatees, California sea lions and, of course, Shamu and Baby Shamu. It has 200 acres of world class shows, thrilling rides and unforgettable animal encounters. SeaWorld San Diego boasts about 80 million visitors annually. Tickets are usually $59 per person and a bus tour is about $120 per person.

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