Los Angeles – The Most Glamorous Place in the World

Whenever anyone thinks of Los Angeles, California, the first thing that comes to mind is Hollywood, “the movie capital of the world.”

Los Angeles, California – The Most Glamorous Place in the World

Los Angeles got its name from Felipe de Neve in 1781. California was first a Mexican state but became a part of the United States per the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo after the Mexican-American War.

The technological sector is a thriving industry here and the Internet was born in Los Angeles in 1969. The climate is almost perfect, except for the smog. Los Angeles is the second most expensive place to live within the United States. Since the city also has the second highest Metropolitan population, it is not a wonder that things are so much more expensive.

Everyone wants to get famous in Los Angeles, and this includes the numerous chefs around. The foods available are very eclectic and range from highly expensive fare all the way to cheap but quality eats. One of the most famous is the Opaque restaurant. The theme for this restaurant is dining in the dark, and the restaurant was also featured in a CSI episode. Museum goers and thrill-seekers will find Los Angeles, California to be a premier spot for fun. Of course, a trip to Los Angeles wouldn’t be complete if SeaWorld San Diego and Disney Land were not on the list of to-dos.

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