Los Angeles – Transportation

Transportation in Los Angeles

Public transportation within Los Angeles is the largest mode of transportation within the city. People within Los Angeles rely on the bus systems, rail and subway system. It is the bus system that is most largely used by the inhabitants. It is the second busiest in the country, hosting nearly one and a half million daily riders on it. Its bus routes are no less extensive than those of other larger cities such as New York City, New York. The subway system is also not exactly lacking in participating commuters, being the ninth-busiest in the United States. Its rail system is currently the third-busiest. Los Angeles is center of the commuter rail system Metrolink, which is the connection between Los Angeles and some of the nearby suburbs and counties.

Los Angeles also boasts a large amount of roads and highways within it for those with private cars. However, for those who are just traveling in the area, it is probably advisable to avoid driving in Los Angeles, as it is considered one of the most congested cities. Take the subway or rail systems, or even the buses, as this can cause less stress for drivers in the area.

Los Angeles International Airport is the sixth-busiest in the country and the main hub for air transportation within the city. It hosts a number of commercial hubs as well, but serves as the main hub for United Airlines. It also boasts forty-three miles of ports in the San Pedro bay, placing itself as the fifth-busiest container port in the world, and the largest within the United States. For getting in and out of the city and driving over the water, there are over four different bridges in the area. Transportation is as busy and as varied as so many of the other larger cities within the United States. Los Angeles certainly makes its own mark on the country in that regard.

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