Miss Fur | by Aycan Sencan

Miss Fur. Lots of lots of Fur for Winter Trends 2013 by Aycan Sencan

Miss Fur 

Lots of lots of Fur for Winter Trends 2013 

Aren’t you in love with that soft fur patting your cheek, warming your soul and giving you the confidence that makes you feel like a star.

Fur is on top of its popularity this winter… it is high-end fashion designers’ irrevocable trend and it sure is on top of every woman’s wish list. Most designers’ preference for the season are furs from fox, arctic fox, raccoon, and llama.

As the puffy-looking fur is a must, shorter hair fur isn’t excluded. Going with a shorter hair fur such as mink, will give you a cleaner more delicate look and the design a lustrous style, while the longer hair fur and the puffiness inclines toward the wild edge of fashion.

aycan sencan fur
Aycan Sencan


The favorite lengths vary between mid-calf and mid-hip, while the utmost favored length is the knee length. High-end fashion designers are all about the asymmetric look for the season.

Fur comes in various crisp colors for the winter of 2013; the trend is wild and so are the colors. Pink dahlia, purple fuchsia, claret red, yellow, blue spruce, chocolate brown, grey and white are the busiest colors on the runway shows.

Although fur is on top of the trend list right now, it is a timeless piece that can be worn for all occasions. Our times of vastly chic style make fur more versatile and put no rule as long as we know how to wear it.

Whether with jeans or an evening gown, wearing fur adds an extraordinary splash to our look and makes us feel amazing. When worn daily together with a pair of jeans, the fur itself becomes the accessory, which allows us to drop additional accessories creating a pure look, as we don’t want to look too frump.

To create the fresh jean-look, a desired length would be short hip- or knee-length furs. When it comes to the evening gown you need to be more cautious in order to pick the true fur that goes with the style.

aycan sencan fur
Aycan Sencan


Carrying a long dress, the fur should never be of knee length. Attending a charity ball wearing a full-length fur coat will create an astonishing appearance, as the full-length fur will make your look complete matching the length of your gown.

A different case is if you are going to an invitation not as ceremonial as the former; you are still in your long dress but this time you want to create a simpler expression and of course you choose the fur that falls right at your waist or above the hip. Full-length fur coats can be dressed down if worn with slacks for casual events such as dinners or other affairs

What should the length of your fur be, attending a cocktail party? Cocktail parties in general require dresses that fall above the knee or even shorter. The choice is easy; make your selection in the same length as your dress.

You are certainly free to choose a waist length fur as well, depending on the occasion and the style of your dress. If going to a club I am unquestionably going to recommend you to wear a shorter fashion fur. If the occasion allows you to wear a full-length fur you definitely can.

However this time, since your dress is short I want to oblige you to wear an A-shaped fur, which widens along the length. This style is really the most efficacious to wear with a pencil dress. The A-shaped full-length fur can again, be dressed down; wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and you will look fabulous… You just couldn’t be trendier!

aycan sencan fur
Aycan Sencan

Your choice of color does not need to be of the same color as your clothing. The idea is to create a complete act and a bedazzling look. As long as you meet these criteria, no rules are defined and you are free to choose whichever color you like enriching your silhouette.

Fur is an immortal fashion piece that adds a grand posh to our presence. It is the soft, sensual, and cozy apparel that warms our souls… It is the ‘sine qua non’ of fashion.


Aycan Cindy Şencan / Los Angeles

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