Nestle exports products from Turkey to world

By Abdulselam Durdak

ISTANBUL (AA) – Swiss food company Nestle exports its products to the world from Turkey, said head of marketing and corporate communications at Nestle Turkey.

The company, which has four factories in Turkey, entered the domestic market in 1875 with baby formula.

Now it manufactures over 800 products in 12 categories, Zeynep Sungu told Anadolu Agency.

The 152-year-old company opened its first factory in Istanbul in 1909 and its first chocolate factory in 1927, Sungu said.

"We produced Damak brand in 1933 by mixing chocolate and pistachio, which is one of the most important agricultural crop of Turkey," she said.

Pistachio-chocolate Damak is sold in several countries, ranging from the U.S. to Japan, she added.

"Nestle employees 3,800 people directly and 7,000 people indirectly," Sungu said.

She also said, the company manufactures several types of products including chocolate, wafer, hazelnut spread, coffee, powdered beverage, cornflakes, and bottled water in Turkey.

Nestle exports its products from Turkey to 20 countries worldwide, she added.

"Turkey is an indispensable country for Nestle because it offers really great opportunities with its young population and amazingly beautiful resources," Sungu said.