Netflix airs highly anticipated 'The Last Dance'

By Can Erozden

ANKARA (AA) – A highly anticipated basketball documentary focused on the Chicago Bulls' NBA dynasty in the 1990s has been launched on Sunday.

The 2020 TV series on the Netflix, 'The Last Dance' features the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls' season, when the Eastern Conference franchise went for their sixth and final title, as well as legendary player Michael Jordan's final season with them.

Founded in 1966, Jordan-led Bulls dominated the 90s as they earned all their six NBA titles in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997 and 1998.

The year of 1998 meant an end of an era for the Bulls as the team's integral parts, Jordan, small forward Scottie Pippen and power forward Dennis Rodman, and coach Phil Jackson left the club.

The Bulls' alpha dog, Jordan retired from basketball for the second time, in Jan. 1999.

Following the departures of these figures, the Bulls had to enter into a rebuilding process but they lost their momentum in the NBA.

After their final NBA title in 1998, the Bulls fell into a decline.

The 10-episode documentary's first two parts were put on the Netflix on Sunday in the U.S. and those outside this country are able to watch it on Monday, April 20.

Outside of the U.S., Netflix plans to publish other episodes of 'The Last Dance' every Monday as the final two chapters — nine and ten — will be aired on May 18.

– NBA figures applaud 'The Last Dance'

"Let’s dance," the Bulls said on Twitter to announce the series' first two episodes, sharing many photos and videos of Jordan and Pippen in their Bulls days.

"I could’ve watched all 10 episodes right now," Bulls point guard Zach LaVine said.

An NBA legend, Magic Johnson, 60, said on social media that he loved it.

"Michael Jordan’s Last Dance was fantastic and I loved all two hours of it!! Young fans that never got to see Michael play now understand why he’s the "GOAT" [greatest of all time] of basketball!," Johnson said on his Twitter account.

"#TheLastDance man wow! Can’t wait until next Sunday," Indiana Pacers shooting guard Victor Oladipo said.

The Philadelphia 76ers small forward Tobias Harris also paid tribute to the documentary.

"Best 2hours of the quarantine…. #TheLastDance," Harris remarked.

Garrett Temple — a Brooklyn Nets shooting guard — said that he admires Pippen.

"I wanted to be just like Scottie on the court. Defender, long, athletic, unselfish, high IQ!!! #TheLastDance," Temple said after watching the documentary.

"Simulate week til next Sunday!," Nets center DeAndre Jordan remarked as he can't wait for the next two chapters.