OC Sheriff Sandra Hutchens Speaks at Pacifica Institute

The Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens spoke at Pacifica Institute about the timely and imperative issues that are facing the local communities and the world.

Sheriff Hutchens highlighted the many engagements of the Sheriff’s office in the community, ranging from Orange County Transportation System to working with the Coast Guard on maintaining homeland security in the local area. One of the main points of the discussion centered on the relationship between federal and state agencies and their collaboration with the Sheriff’s office.

“I am amazed at the scope of responsibility,” said Joy Adams. “Another thing I was happy to hear was the close interaction among agencies.”

On addressing concerns regarding the current financial situation in the United States, the Sheriff discussed the hardships of laying-off employees and working with a smaller budget.

“Although I would not wish for the bad economy, it makes us look at how we can do things more creatively, efficiently and better serve the public, and take less of their tax dollars while doing that,” said Sheriff Hutchens.

Sheriff Hutchens also talked about the current issues that concern the community regarding cyberspace crime, investing into rehabilitating inmates, and community work programs. She closed on the importance of public involvement being the primary cause for Orange County’s low crime rate.

“We were honored to have Sheriff Hutchens speak at our luncheon,” said Pacifica Institute CEO Tezcan Inanlar. “We feel that as part of our mission it is very important for the community to have access to various officials so that the public can voice their concerns and the officials can communicate the solutions they are working on.”