Oppose H.R. 2597, call to put an end to anti-Turki​sh bickering in US Congress

Oppose H.R. 2597, support the plight of Turkish Cypriots

Call to end the anti-Turkish bickering in US Congress

On July 20, 2011,       Congressman Frank Pallone (D-NJ) introduced a House Resolution 2597  which would allow U.S. nationals to lay claims against Turkey on a   property once owned on the territory of present-day Turkish Republic of  Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Influenced only by the Greek-American ethnic  interest groups, H.R. 2597 incorrectly refers to TRNC as the “territory of Cyprus occupied    by Turkey”, thereby denying the suffering and  displacement of over 100,000    Turkish Cypriots, refusing to recognize  and respect their basic rights, and    above all, blaming Turkey for the decades-old interethnic conflict in Cyprus.

Join the Pax Turcica Capwiz action to ask your  elected representative to vote against H.R. 2597 if it comes up for a  Congressional vote and to raise awareness of the wasteful anti-Turkish  bickering by ethnic special interest groups in US Congress.

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