Oppose the unfair targeting of Turkey and Macedonia by the Greek-American interest group‏

Raise voice against the letter by
American Hellenic Institute to Secretary Clinton

In his July 12, 2011 letter sent to Secretary Clinton ahead of her ongoing visit to Athens, Mr. Nick Larigakis of the Greek-American interest group, American Hellenic Institute (AHI), failed to address the key current issues of concern in the U.S-Greece relations. Instead of addressing Greece’s catastrophic economic crisis, negatively affecting the U.S. economy and draining the European financial resources, the author has focused on attacking the neighboring nations of Turkey and Macedonia using counter productive and ethnocentric rhetoric.

Join Turkic- and Macedonian-Americans to express your deepest concern about the AHI attempts to mislead the US foreign policy. Support a call upon the US Administration to pressure the Greek government to take a more constructive stance on Cyprus and Macedonia issues, to put an end to ethnocentric and Turcophobic rhetoric, and to focus on severe economic crisis in Greece which negatively reverberates on the U.S. and global economic recovery.