By Sibel Morrow

ANKARA (AA) – Pakistan on Sunday congratulated Turkey on the occasion of Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day, which marks beginning of the country’s War of Independence and the emergence of modern Turkey.

"The people and the Government of Pakistan express their heartiest congratulations to the brotherly people and government of Turkey on the occasion of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day," the Pakistani Embassy in Ankara said in a message.

​"This day commemorates the glorious struggle of the brave Turkish nation against the forces of colonialism and occupation. We are proud of the sacrifices of our forefathers in support of the people of Turkey in this great endeavor," the statement added.

The statement underlined that "the golden chapter in the history of the Turkish Nation inspired Pakistan in their own freedom struggle and continues to instill the spirit of resistance in all those who remain under occupation".

May 19 is a milestone in Turkish history as it is the day when Mustafa Kemal, later to become Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, arrived in the Black Sea city of Samsun from Istanbul to organize the war that saw the remnants of the Ottoman Empire transformed into modern Turkey four years later.

Ataturk dedicated May 19 to youth of the Turkish nation as Youth and Sports Day, a national holiday that sees young people stage sporting and cultural activities and official ceremonies organized across the nation.