<p>By Aamir Latif</p>  <p>KARACHI, Pakistan (AA) - Pakistani officials met for a second time Tuesday in an effort to hammer out trade deals and easing customs procedures between Pakistan and Turkey, according to the Pakistani finance ministry.</p>  <p>Pakistan's Finance Minister Asad Umar chaired the meeting of the Committee on Pakistan-Turkey Strategic Economic Framework which reviewed progress on formation of the proposed framework, according to a statement.</p>  <p>Turkish and Pakistani officials had agreed to set up the committee during Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit to Turkey in January when the first meeting took place.</p>  <p>Enhancing trade through free trade agreements, easing customs procedures and setting up textile and garment cities were discussed during the meeting.</p>  <p>Pakistani officials said there was great potential for the development of automobile sector in Pakistan with the help of Turkey, and banks from both sides should be encouraged to mutually establish branches to promote business ties and facilitate financial transactions.</p>  <p>Officials said collaboration between Pakistani International Airlines and Turkish Airlines may be promoted to improve communication Pakistani citizens travelling to various destinations.</p>