Qatar to establish ‘city’ devoted to military education

By Ahmed Youssef

DOHA (AA) – Qatar plans to establish a “city” devoted exclusively to military education, Hamad bin Ahmed al-Nuaimi, head of colleges and institutes for the Qatari Armed Forces, said Thursday.

In an interview with the Defense Ministry's Al-Talai magazine, al-Nuaimi said the planned city would include “institutes, centers and military educational establishments, along with training and sports facilities”.

The project, he added, represented “a major leap” for the Qatari military.

Al-Naimi went on to announce several other initiatives, including plans to establish a higher academy for military sciences and a war college.

“Qatar’s Armed Forces have recently made considerable strides, both in terms of armaments and manpower,” he said.

In mid-2017, a Saudi-led bloc of states imposed an embargo on Qatar after accusing the country of supporting terrorist groups.

Doha, for its part, vociferously denies the allegations, describing the Saudi-led embargo as a “violation of international law”.