Register to vote in US elections

The U.S. Presidential and Congressional elections are coming up in November 2012. For the U.S. citizens, it is a constitutional right and a civic duty to vote in the local, state and federal elections, in order to better represent the interests of a constituent community. For this purpose, we invite those of you who are U.S. citizens to use Pax Turcica’s simple, convenient and free Capwiz-XC online tool for registering to vote in the elections:
This tool allows you to complete the voter registration form based on your state of residence* in 4 simple steps:
  1. Select your state.
  2. Enter the required information.
  3. Print your voter registration application. (requires Adobe Acrobat)
  4. Mail your voter registration to the local registrar of voters office.

We also strongly recommend that you visit the Pax Turcica Capwiz Election Guide, which contains useful information on candidates and upcoming elections in your area at:

* NOTE: Residents of North Dakota and Wyoming are not permitted to use this form. New Hampshire town and city clerks will accept this application only as a request for their own mail-in absentee voter registration form. Please review the additional information on who can use this application to register to vote. If you or your family are stationed away from home in the military register here. If you are not in the military and live overseas register here

This grassroots outreach message by the Pax Turcica Institute is endorsed by:
Assembly of Turkish-American Associations (ATAA)
Azerbaijani-American Council (AAC)
Azerbaijan Society of America (ASA)

The Pax Turcica Institute (PTI) is a non-profit grassroots advocacy and research organization.