Remember the fallen Turkish Diplomats

remember the fallen Turkish diplomats in los angeles

Remember the fallen Turkish Diplomats.

January 27th will mark 44 years since the ion of the Turkish Consul General in Los Angeles, Mehmet Baydar, and the Vice Consul, Bahadir Demir, by an Armenian-American extremist, Gourgen Yanikian.

Turkish Diplomats killed in Los Angeles Newspaper Article

His simultaneous public call to kill Turks resulted in numerous terrorist attacks against Turkish diplomats and civilians between 1975 and 1991. Influenced by Yanikian’s appeal, on January 28, 1982, Harry (Hampig) Sassounian, murdered another Turkish Consul General, Kemal Arikan, in Los Angeles.

Armenian Terorist killed Turkish Diplomat in Los Angeles

Fallen Turkish Diplomats in Los Angeles

Turkish Diplomats killed in Los Angeles