Right-wing party wins Swiss federal elections

By Bayram Altug

GENEVA (AA) – Right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) won Sunday's federal elections in Switzerland, according to unofficial results on Monday.

The anti-immigrant party received 25.6% of the votes, marking a 3.8% slip compared to their 2015 performance, 29.4%.

Despite drop in support, the SVP is still the largest party with 54 lawmakers in the 246-member Swiss parliament.

The Social Democratic Party (SP) received 16.5% of the votes to elect 39 lawmakers.

Meanwhile, the Swiss Greens recorded momentous gains in the national election.

The Green Party (GP) received 13% of votes, a surge from 7.1% in the previous elections, and Green Liberal Party (GLP) gained 7.6% of votes, compared to 4.6% in the previous elections.

Switzerland has around 5.4 million eligible voters, however, only 45% of them cast their votes in Sunday’s elections.

*Writing by Fatih Hafiz Mehmet in Ankara