Scientist: Turkey's role in Antarctica promotes science

By Gulsem Adam

ANTALYA, Turkey (AA) – Turkish scientists’ efforts in the Antarctic will contribute to future research in technology, design and space, a Turkish scholar said Friday.

"Research in Antarctica will contribute to science, industry and technology in the long term, and open new fields of activity for our scientists in the short term," Yuksel Demir, who recently served as the coordinator of Turkey Antarctica Research Working Group.

Demir stressed that science was not the only field that would benefit from polar research, reiterating that internationally renowned Turkish diver Sahika Ercumen had been part of Turkey’s expedition to the continent.

"Sahika [diving in Antarctica] showed that science, sports and art are not separate from each other," added Demir, who recently returned from Antarctica where he conducted research for 30 days as part of a Turkish research team .

Demir underlined the need to safeguard Antarctica in order to protect the future of the entire world.

"Turkey wants to take part in these efforts," he said.

In April 2016, the first-ever Turkish team of researchers — including doctors, botanists, geologists, and oceanographers from seven universities — traveled to Antarctica to study the impact of climate change.

Anadolu Agency covered the scientific efforts of a Turkish team last February, carrying out the latest such expedition on the frozen continent.

Antarctica, the coldest continent on earth, has served as a scientific research zone for all countries since the signing of a 1959 treaty.

*Writing by Erdogan Cagatay Zontur