She is Miss Turkey ! Aycan Sencan

she is miss turkey aycan sencan
She is Miss Turkey ! Aycan Sencan

Our columnist Aycan Sencan has been selected to represent Turkey in “Queen of the Universe” pageant contest.

Past week Aycan Sencan was selected as America’s Miss Turkey and is highly honored to be representing her country and standing as the ambassador of Turkey. The busy schedule and training enthuses her as there is only a month left to the phenomenal gala night, where she will be competing against other nations’ ambassadors in “Queen of the Universe” in Beverly Hills.

aycan cindy sencan miss turkey usa
Aycan Sencan

Our columnist Aycan Sencan has been selected to represent Turkey in “Queen of the Universe” pageant contest. As the pageant is sponsored by UNESCO, the winner will not only unite beauty but also intelligence of women around the world. Amongst other nationalities, Aycan Sencan will be the one to represent Turkey on the gala night, where one lucky lady’s dreams will be turned into a beautiful reality. The Queen of the Universe will be selected to become the perfect ambassador of love, hope, and peace. The gala night is going to take place on the 27th of January in the legendary Saban Theatre, in Beverly Hills.

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Aycan Sencan

Queen of the Universe’s mission is to promote education for children in need, and for children in third world countries. The internationally selected contestant girls are attending charity events to encourage education for children in poverty through supporting them. “Queen of the Universe” truly believes in the
 UNESCO motto, “Teach a child how to fish and
 you’ll feed him his entire life.”

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Aycan Sencan

Coordination of “Queen of the Universe” belongs to valuable and successful people, such as Joyce Giraud (president), Laimarie Serrano (general counsel), Michael Ohoven (Production Executive), Rob Baker, James Pratt (Photographer), Nick Gonzales (choreographer) and so on goes the list. The jury members are remaining unknown.

Aycan Sencan is still in great amazement, as she coincidentally happened to fill out the online application form for the contest, while she was researching about fashion on the Internet. She had already applied to the “Miss Universe Sweden” contest that she had been admitted to. However, her plans instantly changed as she, just a day after applying to “Queen of the Universe” got a phone call asking her to come in for an audition. Next day, at the audition it was conveyed to her that the jury members were going to meet up to make a selection between all Turkey candidates that had applied. Aycan says that she left the location with great hope and excitement that only grew bigger and bigger inside her throughout the day as she was waiting for that one phone call. The jury contacted her in the late evening hours to let her know about the wonderful news.. that she was chosen as Miss Turkey.

Come and join us on the night where one lucky lady’s dreams will be turned into a beautiful reality…