KHARTOUM (AA) – Sudanese opposition parties and professional associations on Friday called for a weeklong “uprising” next week in towns and cities across the country to demand the resignation of President Omar al-Bashir.</p>  <p><br /></p>  <p>In a joint statement, the Nidaa al-Sudan Coalition, the Forces of National Consensus, the Sudanese Professional Association, and the Assembly of Opposition Unionists called for weeklong demonstrations -- starting Sunday – “in Khartoum and other cities and towns”.</p>  <p><br /></p>  <p>The statement went on to urge the Sudanese people to continue demonstrating “until this regime is overthrown”.</p>  <p><br /></p>  <p>Sudan has been rocked by protests since mid-December, with demonstrators decrying the government’s seeming inability to rein in rampant inflation and acute commodity shortages.</p>  <p><br />

On Wednesday, police announced the launch of investigations after three protesters were killed in Omdurman, Sudan’s second largest city.

The authorities say that a total of 22 people have been killed in the unrest so far, while opposition groups put the number at more than 40.


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