Sudan’s military, opposition reach power-sharing pact

By Mohammed Amin

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AA) – Sudan’s ruling Transitional Military Council and the Forces for Freedom and Change opposition alliance have reached an agreement on sharing power during a transition period before general elections, African Union mediator Mohamed Hassan Lebatt said at a press conference early Friday.

“The two sides have agreed to share power for a period of three years or slightly more with the formation of a sovereign council that will be chaired by rotation between the military and civilians,” Lebatt said.

He said they also agreed to form a government of independent technocrats led by a prime minister.

“The two sides have also agreed to postpone the establishment of a legislative council until after the formation of the presidential council and cabinet,” he added.

Lebatt also said an independent national investigation committee would be formed to probe the killing of protesters on June 3 in Khartoum.

The agreement comes after a long standoff between the two sides since the suspension of talks in May.