Texas’lı Türk derneklerinden Texas Valisine ortak mektup

Teksas’taki Türk Dernekleri TURANT, ATA HOUSTON, TAA-SA , ATA-SA, Rick Pery’nin Fox Tv’de Türkiye hakkında yaptığı açıklamalara tepki olarak ortak bir mektup gönderdiler.

Hon. Rick Perry
Governor of Texas
Austin, Texas
January 18, 2012

Dear Governor Perry,

As Texas residents of Turkish descent, we are writing to express our deep concern regarding your January 16 statement about Turkey during the FOX News-hosted Republican presidential debate in South Carolina.

As our governor, and as a presidential candidate, you should know better than to falsely allege that Turkey’s leaders act like Islamic terrorists, or to threaten Turkey’s membership in NATO, where it is a unique and irreplaceable ally of the U.S.

Turkey is the only country in the Middle East whose government is democratically elected by full participation of its citizens, regardless of race, religion or gender. Turkey’s current government is indeed Islamic-leaning, but this is no different than what we observe in the U.S. or other Western democracies, where parties and politicians are often implicitly or explicitly tied to religious
organizations and beliefs. It is a cruel and insulting statement to tie Turkey to terrorists, particularly since it has lost over 30,000 citizens in ongoing fighting with Kurdish terrorists. And since the 1980s, Armenian terrorists have carried out attacks, including several on U.S. territory, resulting in the deaths of over 100 Turkish diplomats and citizens.

Today, Turkey is a key partner of the U.S. and NATO, supporting actions in the Balkans, Middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan, and has lost thousands of troops in the fights against Communism and terrorism since joining NATO in 1952. In the last few years, Turkey has played a major role as a supporter of Arab freedom movements and is seen in the Middle East as a model for how democracy can
thrive in a Muslim nation.

Turkey also has a flourishing free market economy with a number of its corporations and businessmen listed in the Forbes 500. Today, Turkey has the sixth largest economy in Europe and 16 th largest in the world. And even though you may have threatened to cut U.S. aid to Turkey, for your information, Turkey received no significant aid from the U.S. since the 1980s, so there is no foreign aid to cut.
As your constituents, and as voters, we hope that you will reconsider your divisive comments, and embrace Turkey as the ally it is. If you have concerns with certain aspects of how the Turkish government operates, provide constructive suggestions, instead of vilifying a vital ally. If you are interested in discussing this issue further, we would be very happy, as leaders of your state’s Turkish American community, to meet with you and your staff.

Best Regards,Ergin Gurbuz, President
Turkish American Association of North Texas (TURANT)

Deniz Demirors, President
Turkish American Association of Houston (ATA HOUSTON)

Mehmet Aldikacti, President
Turkish American Association of San Antonio (TAA-SA)

Dr.Murat Tas, President
American Turkish Association-San Antonio (ATA-SA)